Lise Watier Pink Power Blush


I confess, Lise Watier is one of those brands I usually forget about (I’m a bad Canadian beauty blogger, I know) – for the longest period I only associated with the Neiges perfume as a friend in high school used to work for Shoppers Drug Mart and Neiges was (at the time) her absolute favourite perfume and all she wore (she extolled its virtues on a regular basis).

I’ve picked up an eyeshadow or two since then, but nothing in the line has screamed BUY ME NOW as much as this spring’s Pastel Power collection, mostly because of the above blush in Pink Power. As soon as I saw the embossed sakura flowers and outside casing.


I love this blush. It’s a bright, medium pink, and despite several uses the flowers are still definitely visible (I believe the white/pearl pattern actually goes all the way through the powder which is definitely a nice surprisel This blush is also gigantic – 12 g – no fears about running out here!

I’m wearing a quad from the Lise Watier fall line as well 🙂

Pink Power is 30$ CAD and available from the Bay, SDM, and most Lise Watier counters in Canada. It’s not, unfortunately, available from their online website.


4 thoughts on “Lise Watier Pink Power Blush

  1. Haha as soon as I saw this on Nunu’s blog I knew you’d need it for your collection! I’ve never heard of the brand either here or in the UK!

  2. This is such a pretty shade! I doubt I’d be able to find anything like this in the UK though 😦
    I’m new to wordpress and would love it if you could give us a like or follow? Thankyouuu 🙂 xo

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