Make Up For Ever HD Blush 510


I recently had to unpack and repackage my entire makeup collection, and it’s amazing to see how much beauty has changed (or not changed) over the last 5 years! I remember when liquid and cream blushes first came out and it was pretty hard to blend them out – the first generation of MUFE HD blushes I remember came in pump bottles and I loved them – but they dried so quickly it was hard to blend them out! They were eventually phased out of Sephora (and my own collection) but with new technology, it’s been awesome to see more brands come out with cream formulations so I was especially happy when MUFE relaunched the hd cream blushes – and of course I had to try the darkest one available as a challenge 🙂


MUFE describes the blushes as such:

This new creamy blush melts on the skin for an extremely natural flush of color with a long lasting result. Its blendable, second skin texture allows for easy, controlled application.

As someone who enjoyed the old blushes (and also a makeup addict with far too many cream blushes for one person’s cheeks) I can vouch that this description is dead accurate. The HD cream compacts are much more emollient than their predecessors and not as drying – they are very easy to blend with fingertips! Although the pump bottle versions were more hygienic for application, I actually prefer the compact presentation as it allows you to control how much product you dispense!



Overall, I think the MUFE HD blushes are definitely worth a try, especially if you haven’t ventured out to cream blush territory before, as these are easy to apply, come in a wide variety of shades depending on your skin tone, and like the rest of the HD line, are extremely long-lasting.

This was provided for me to review, and along with the rest of the line can be purchased at Sephora. I’m aiming for one of the more traditional pinks, next!

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