Tatcha Moisture Rich Skin Cream, Revitalizing Eye Cream and Deep Brightening Serum


Sometimes with new brands or products I feel like I get “blogger-fatigue” in that you can tell when a brand is doing a huge pr push as all of a sudden reviews for the same product pop up on every blog (and generally all the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and nearly identical) within days of each other – it makes me feel a bit jaded.

When Tatcha first popped up this was my unfortunate reaction to the brand – there were a lot of reviews but they came all at once and all from PR samples – the cynical part of me snarked that of course the reviews were all glowing as the products were so expensive! I wish I hadn’t been so cynical now :P. One of my dearest friends a few months ago recommended I try one of the sample sets (now on sale at Tatcha.com) as HK had several exclusive gift sets.

Thank goodness I gave in!


The gift set I purchased and started using contains 3 of Tatcha’s best-selling products.

Moisture Rich Silk Cream:
Tatcha describes this as a

Luxurious yet weightless feeling gel-cream of liquid silk, squalene, royal jelly and HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex

What I found was that components aside, this cream really does evoke a feeling of silk! Bearing in mind that my skin is like the Sahara and always craving moisture, after two weeks I noticed a visible glow and tangible softness to my face – and the tips of the fingers I had used to apply the cream! Tatcha recommends this for oily or dry/combination skin and I can vouch for its effectiveness on dry skin at least! I’m still using my sample size right now but I was so convinced by the cream’s effectiveness that I’ve ordered this in full size šŸ™‚

Revitalizing Eye Cream
Tatcha describes this as an eye cream which

… Nourishes and purifies skin, resulting in a decreased appearance of puffiness, dark circles and eye spots.

To be honest I don’t usually use separate eye creams because like the rest of my face my chief concern is dryness so I just use moisturizer, but as the sample packs came with deluxe sized versions of this I figure it doesn’t hurt! I found the cream extremely light in texture with a similar silk feeling to the moisturizer and it was moisturizing for me – it also doesn’t interfere with my eye makeup routine at all and absorbs quickly!

I don’t know that I would purchase this in full size – but I’ll happily use up my samples!

Deep Brightening Serum
Tatcha describes this as

a brightening serum of time-tested Asian botanicals + HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex


My overall complexion definitely seems much more even and brighter but this doesn’t provide an immediate effect. I’d love to indulge in a full size, but at 180$ I think I’ll have to hold off for now… and use up the other serums in my stash!



HOwever, I loved my xperience with the tiral three producdts enough that I felt it was time to take the plunge and order the moisturizer, which I loved best, in full size. I was also swayed by finding the lovely Okuru gift set still in stock and on sale for 135$ on the website, as it included 4 masks, a full size dewy skin mist, and more deluxe-sized versions of the moisture and eye creams! I signed up for the replenishment program as well.

Tatcha’s shipping speed is INSANE. In the best way. I ordered in the morning, got the shipping notice a few hours later and at 9 AM the next day…



I already had my package! Everything was packed nice and snugly, and there was even a handwritten note <3. I received another hydrating mask as a gift for signing up for the replenishment service which was also a welcome surprise :D.



Skincare in action… and what I look like after 8/12 hrs at work :P.

Have you been blown away by a brand lately? Do share!

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