Stash Spotlight: Chanel Las Vegas Palette, Brompton Road, & Blush Horizon


So every few months or so – usually in the lull between collection releases or at the point where I’ve reached saturation of one season’s collections and the next (unlike the US, seasonal makeup doesn’t show up in Canada until the ACTUAL season itself is here – so holiday makeup really doesn’t show up until November, etc) I end up reorganizing my makeup collection, generally culling old eyeshadows and blushes for giveaway and labelling all of my purchases, and then putting them away. I usually end up discovering things I either rarely or have never used (seriously, it’s a problem) and in an effort to combat this I have:

[1] Reorganized my stash AGAIN
[2] Created a ‘makeup to use this week’ box so that I at least rotate through colour makeup
[3] Started taking blog pictures of said items WITH the FOTD so at least I can talk about them 🙂

It was while I was doing my winter quell that I noticed in the last two years or so I’ve developed an alarming habit of collecting LE Chanel products 😛


The Chanel Las Vegas palette was initially exclusive to the Chanel boutiques in Las Vegas (obviously) so you can imagine how surprised I was to find it in Hong Kong when I visited last year! A multi-use palette for cheeks and eyes, I’ll confess that I mostly bought it because it was 20$ cheaper in HK for some reason, and I was upset and wanting to shop that day. Haven’t really used it as a hilighter but it makes a fabulous neutral palette – actually the colours are very similar to the palette released as part of the Hong Kong collection this year (which I passed on).

Brompton Road was originally a Harrods exclusive but eventually showed up at Chanel boutiques. The entire collection was hot pink so of course, I had to own it. This makes a lovely blush but it applies much paler than it appears in pan, so I usually wear it over another blush for a bit of shimmer!

Horizon de Chanel is one of the prettiest blushes I own, a medium coral-pink I think just about every skintone can pull off. I’ve been wearing this blush daily for nearly two weeks but mostly, I confess, out of laziness since it’s always on my desk as I use it in the last minutes before I rush off to work!


Chanel Las Vegas on the eyes, Brompton Road + Blush Horizon on the cheeks, and Chanel Rouge Allure in Insolence on the lips. 😀

Do you ‘collect’ anything you were surprised by?


6 thoughts on “Stash Spotlight: Chanel Las Vegas Palette, Brompton Road, & Blush Horizon

  1. I love this! I was thinking about Blush Horizon but never did end up getting it. I only own two Chanel products–one is an LE quad eyeshadow (which Hime chan smashed before I could use it) and the most recent contour powder, which I got in my Secret Santa package. I’ve been using it every day and really like it. Love your FOTD, as always!

    • Thank you for helping me get Blush Horizon!! I Hadn’t used it more than once before February (think I packed it away and then forgot about it) but once I pulled it out I couldn’t stop using it :D. I didn’t get Notorious although I think everyone else did, but I’d love to see how you use it! I never contour, so I didn’t think it’d be useful for me at all :). Thanks!!

    • If you’re looking at the lipsticks I highly recommend the Rouge Allure (regular) range – they are pigmented and moisturizing! I like the Rouge Cocos as well but I know some people find them drying, I didn’t like the Coco Shines at all (more like glorified ineffective lip balm on me), and they discontinued my HG Rouge Allure Laques. Chanel does a good lipstick though!

  2. Hi, I am not sure if you will see this, but I was wondering if you would ever consider selling your Chanel powders? Please let me know. Thank you.

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