Giorgio Armani Effeto Nude Spring Collection


I should learn never to swear off entire collections until after I’ve either played with them or gone to an event because 90% of the time I end up eating my words about whether or not I’ll buy something from a collection – a great makeover or counter experience usually translates into purchases for me!


First off, I have been lucky enough to get to know @slmissglam over the last year as my Armani MUA at the #yyc Holt Renfrew and she is a huge apart of why I have become so devoted to the line and end up with a lot of the seasonal collections. Even when I think the promos are boring or the products look too light she always finds a way to use themto really enhance my looks in the best way… and I end up purchasing :P.

The Effeto Nude collection was definitely one I was expecting to pass up – while I love natural looks, the Western interpretation of a nude look often hits the wrong shades of the nude spectrum for my undertone. Thankfully this collection focused on highlighters – something I don’t own. I absolutely fell in love with the palette and fluid sheer which transformed on my skin into a pink, peachy highlight.My favourite product is probably the fluid sheer #13 which adjusts depending on undertone – on Steph it appeared as more of a white gold but on me it was more of a peach!


My final haul and FOTD 🙂

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