MUFE Ultra HD Concealer


This is the concealer you’ve been waiting for! I’ve always been a bit skeptical about concealers – I understand their use in theory but as a standalone product they just don’t get me excited and as a result I used to only use them when I had my makeup done at a counter!

Needless to say, the new Make Up for Ever HD concealer has changed all that!

The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer divides its shades into two categories:
— Colour Correction: Neutralization of dark circles, blue undertones,
— Conceal: Brightening and ‘awakening’ of undereye area

I personally have only used this on my undereye area to correct dark circles so I can speak as to how it covers blemishes, but based on the purpose it’s described for – underye circles – this is my new holy grail! I received the concealer in Y33 to test after consulting both the and MUFE website for matches – I felt that I didn’t need as much colour correction so opted for the more beige versus peach-based shades as my dark circles are really only present when I really am lacking sleep!

The texture of the concealer is very liquid, and very light. I only need a very small dot to completely cover my undereye area. The coverage is very good but I will note that this is not a hydrating concealer at all – if your undereye area or skin is prone to dryness or flakes, while this won’t exacerbate them, it doesn’t disguise them much – so make sure to apply a hydrating eye cream or moisturizer first!

I would highly recommend this concealer – as it lives in my work kit, when I don’t have it at hand to use, I really miss it!

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