Extreme Foundation Testing: Make Up For Ever Water Blend

After actually getting to have a proper autumn, lately it seems like I have been living on a deep freeze – and both myself and my makeup have been suffering! The constant use of heaters has left my skin parched so in addition to upping my moisturizing game, I’ve been searching for more hydrating base products that won’t cracking under the heat – but they also had to withstand bone-chilling temperatures too!


The above FOTD was during #YYC’s most recent polar vortex, when it was -20C or colder continuously (for about 3 weeks). My face might have been frozen, but the foundation didn’t crack! It also didn’t come off on my scarf! The texture of #WaterBlend is almost lik mousse if you dispense a large enough sample. I applied it with my fingers, and used approximately 1/3 of a dime-sized dollop for my entire face.

You can tell how long I’ve been wearing this foundation by my hair! The finish is semi-matte – I personally don’t use any highlighter or luminizer products but this foundation would work very well with them – there’s no sheen with the finish so you can easily add some, but the foundation also isn’t a flat finish – my skin is very dry so some matte foundations make me look dead if I don’t wear blush!

This FOTD was on a MUCH warmer day (about 20C, so … 40C warmer than my winter picture) and I’m happy to say that I didn’t sweat through my makeup! I don’t typically blot so I can’t speak to its oil-coverage properties.

I’m still wearing the foundation even now (12+ weeks after I received it) and I”m really enjoying it! Several of the shades are very similar on me, only differing slightly in undertone, so I think it should be easy to find a match at Sephora!

I received #WaterBlend to test. All opinions are my own, and your own experience may differ from mine!

2 thoughts on “Extreme Foundation Testing: Make Up For Ever Water Blend

  1. The foundation looks great on you! I’ve been thinking about trying this out, but I wasn’t sure with my oily-combo skin. It’s good to hear you didn’t sweat through it even on a warmer day!

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