Tom Ford Warm Soleil Eye Palette

When is luxury makeup too much to handle? I have makeup-magpie syndrome – the newer, and shinier a makeup item is, the more I tend to want it. It’s a bad habit! This was less of a problem when I had lots of shelves for storage space, but I found that if I couldn’t ‘see’ my makeup I didn’t use it – and now that I’m in my own space, I wanted my makeup to live where it deserved – and get used! Moving also made me realise how MUCH makeup I had so I tried to be more discerning about my purchases, narrowing down the kinds of products and brands that I wanted to collect rather than buying everything remotely shiny that trended with other beauty lovers!

I still sumbit to the lure of luxury purchases – hence the Tom Ford Soleil Warm palette. For a while my love for Tom Ford was fairly restrained as it wasn’t available to purchase in Canada – my most memorable Tom Ford memory was trying to purchase the first edition of Pure Pink, which took several months and several DIFFERENT trips to the USA – this changed when Holt Renfrew, then Nordstrom, and finally Sephora picked up the line for release here! The Soleil palettes hit all of my magpie buttons – they were luxury, well-reviewed, had gorgeous packaging, and they were limited edition!

And of course, they are/were $$$. At 150$ a palette the Soleil palettes are a splurge, but one that I was happy to make. The eyeshadows are well pigmented, with a metallic/satin finish, and the blushes are finely milled and apply evenly with a brush. I wear the eyeshadows over Urban Decay Primer Potion and get over 12 hours of wear without creasing.

I am finally finishing this post a year (!) after starting it, and after buying the sequels to this palette, I can still say that I’m very satisfied with the purchase. The texture of the eyeshadows and blushes remain smooth and pigmented after a year; and I like that look can be smoked out for evening. This is an excellent option for a work palette if you are the kind of person who touches up through the day (I am not, I expect my makeup to last all day). I wear these eyeshadows over a cream eyeshadow base/stick or an eye primer, and the blush over foundation. I find that my eye makeup is still visible and uncreased after longer than 12 hours of wear, and the blush does fade around hour 8. The highlighter is subtle, but I also use it very sparingly to begin with.

The Soleil palettes have joined my ‘will always buy’ triggers – thankfully they sometimes coincide with Sephora’s VIB discounts!


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