Cle de Peau Voyages Palette


Sometimes I look at all the makeup brands available and get completely boggled as to how one brand is meant to eclipse all the others short of the inevitable #bblogger overexposure that seems to happen on a regular basis (AKA when every beauty blog on the planet receives their press samples in the same week). It’s enough to make one cynical! It may seem strange that at times like these I turn to E-bay, but a bit of therapeautic shopping never hurt anyone. ;). Last Christmas I was doing one of my random browses when I came across this lovely palette and travel kit which I believe was released in 2012 and I was immediately taken by how pretty everything was – I am a huge fan of miniaturized everything and my love affair with navy was only beginning… unfortunately I couldn’t find information on the palette – or the palette – anywhere! As CdP is such a prestige brand (and almost impossible to get in Canada as it is) I regretfully decided to pass…

And like many times before, ‘passing’ on this collection turned into a ‘for now’ circumstance. I had an amazing friend offer to make a CP for me from the annual Shiseido warehouse sale in SG and she was able to find this lovely piece for me for around 105$ CAD (which was much MUCH better than the 180$ USD that the palette originally retailed for) so of course I jumped! This was my first real experience with CdP products, and other than foundation, I was pleasantly surprised that the palette held everything necessary for a full FOTD: including eyebrow powder and mascara! I decided to put the palette to the test for my first Skype interview.


I love the attention to detail – the little scarf clips and unclips to the luggage, which is navy leather. It’s reminiscent of vintage luggage, and the case has a decent amount of heft to it – definitely feels like a luxe item!


Inside the palette contains a travel sized mascara, Extra Rich lipstick, eyeshadow quad, blush, brow powder, and powder eyeliner. It also includes a small blush brush and eyeshadow and eyeliner wands. Because I wanted to test its ability to perform entirely on its own, I forewent the use of my own brushes and used the ones included (usually I toss them!). The quality of the brushes was actually pretty good – the bristles were very silky and picked up the powder well.

I usually wear liquid eyeliner but thought that I would try out the eyeliner powder included in this palette, which was a greyish black. While the texture was smooth, I found it difficult to get as fine a line with the included brushes, I think it would be good for a smokier eye – that being said I’d probably stick with my normal liquid liner! The eyebrow powder was a good match for my black hair and the angle brush included helped to neaten up my brows.


I loved everything in this palette. It worked well for my Skype interview and my first experience with the Extra Rich line was unfortunately positive – I don’t think I’d spend 60$ on each lipstick but I enjoyed the mini I got. The mascara formula was nice and dried quickly, and applied with no clumps, and I loved the glow from the blush. This palette truly would be perfect for travel as long as you had a good base.  The products are good quality and rest in a plastic tray so that if/when I ever finish anything you can still re-use the case after.

I’ll admit that I got sucked into this palette for the packaging, but I love everything about it. Have you had any great ‘hits’ lately?


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