Armani POP Beauty Spring 2013: Rose Bliss Palette


In the latest installment of ‘My Armani Counter is Better than Yours’ I have to again give a shout-out to the WONDERFUL staff of Holt Renfrew Calgary, especially the lovely Stephanie, who took over after my previous MUAs moved on from the counter. She is awesome about calling me about upcoming events, so of course when she called me a few weeks ago to invite me to get my makeup done at the counter, I jumped at the chance.

Armani palettes are typically WAY marked up from the USD prices, so I typically purchase them online and have them shipped to one of my lovely friends, but as Holt Renfrew was doing a cash back promotion, I had to take the opportunity to patronize my favourite counter! I ended up with both palettes after my makeover, and while I haven’t used Coral Bliss yet, Stephanie gave me such a lovely makeover with Rose Bliss I thought I should share (especially as this palette is still available for purchase!


Products Used
Face: Armani Maestro Foundation 6.5
Cheeks: Blushing Fabric #9 HD Fuchsia, Rose Bliss Palette
Eyes: Rose Bliss Palette, Eyes to Kill Mascara, Precision Eyeliner
Lips: Armani Lip Maestro 500, and a pink gloss who’s name I don’t remember ^^;

I *LOVE* this look. Thank you again to Holt Renfrew, and to Stephanie for a wonderful afternoon!


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