#YYCEats #TacoTuesday Moose and Poncho – Calgary’s Best Tacos are in Chinatown

#YYC’s Chinatown is not the first place I would look for really, really good tacos, but I’m glad someone put it on my radar, because Moose and Poncho‘s tacos are so good, when the weather is good I make it a point to make a downtown study date just so I can go down there to have a taco trio!

Moose and Poncho make everything in house, from the tortillas to the filling and the condiments! They offer a permanent menu as well as daily specials. My favourites so far have been the chorizo, pollo adobo, and beef lengua. They have a custom toppings bar which I appreciate because I hate raw onion a LOT, and I dress my tacos with their salsa verde, guacamole, queso fresco, and poblano crema. The soft tacos come on two soft corn or flour tortillas, and they are so full (especially after adding toppings) that I usually attempt one taco with my hands and then end up dividing the tacos among the two tortillas and moving to knife and fork to try to save my clothes (I have been semi-successful at this). The meats are well seasoned and tender, and if you are lucky enough to be there for the beef lengua days, I promise it will change your mind about eating tongue! They have a daily horchata and agua fresca that is served in refillable mason jar cups with unlimited refills (assuming you are eating there, of course).

They now serve soup and churros, which I need to go back and try – if I have space after the tacos! I have always ended up with one leftover taco which I eat later, but that won’t stop me from ordering 3 the next time as well!


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