#YYCEats: Shimizu Kitchen

May in #YYC exists in this weird limbo where it should be warm and safe to remove one’s winter tires, but then it snows 10 cm+ two weekends in a row, and laziness has paid off – this has certainly been the case this year! K and I had just finished a spa morning and I convinced her that we should find a new ramen restaurant to try because I wanted to see their giant sakura tree!

Shimizu Kitchen was definitely worth the trip (for the record, we made it before the snow started, but it snowed about 20 cm right after I made it home). I always try a restaurant’s Tonkatsu ramen first (it’s my favourite broth) and Shimizu’s was excellent. Creamy and filling, but not fatty or oily at all, the broth had a deep pork flavour. The chashu was tender and juicy, and was finished with a hand torch which crisped up the edges and provided an extra layer of smokey flavour. The noodles had very good chew, and I drank every drop of broth. The standard ramen comes with one slice of chashu, half an egg, and cooked bean sprouts (and negi, but I don’t like onion so mine was without). I highly recommend adding the extra pork – it’s just so good! The egg was perfectly boiled with a just-solid yolk that added extra richness to the bowl.

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It's…. already May? #yyc #snow #yycnow #weather

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Different weekend, same month, new snowstorm. I’d ask why I live in Calgary, but restaurants like Shimizu Kitchen increase my love despite this city’s crazy weather!


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