#PlusSize #Fashion: Pink Dresses & Full Body Confidence

I spend about 60% of my life wearing pyjama-like clothing for work (at a hospital) so when I’m not at work, as long as the weather is good, I love to dress up a little (or a lot) and summer time frequently finds me in dresses – and given my style preferences, the pinker the better! As plus-size fashion becomes more easily accessible I’ve had a much easier time finding dresses I like enough to order, and in an effort to not stockpile too much I do a one-in-one-out policy – so my wardrobe slowly self-curates. This has resulted in my pinkest, most dress-filled summer so far!

It’s been an interesting mental shift this year for me in terms of pictures of myself that I allow to be taken and then choose to share – I’ve always shared selfies but they’re generally of my face and upper body, and I had always shied away from full-body shots. Part of it is that I had no one to take them – and then I noticed that even when I did have someone to take them I often posed in a way to try to “minimize” myself – which is pretty silly since I’m already short at 5′!

So I felt like it was time to start taking and posting full body shots of me in the dresses I loved so much, and also to stand with good posture – this is my body and it has led me through this life and served me well – I deserve more than to try to hide it! I find the increased (sometimes-faux) confidence reflects in my posture and in my attitude and also in the responses I get from other people – I feel like other people, even strangers, respond more to this increased confidence as well!

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I love this city. #yyc #pink #yycnow #sakuralovely

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These three dresses are my favourites of the summer so far – I’m hoping to get out a few more times to take photos and wear more of my wardrobe because I’ve bought new dresses and they deserve to be worn too!

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