#YYCEats: CHARCUT’s Happiest Hour

I have been going to CHARCUT for a long, long, time. After watching Connie De Sousa on Top Chef Canada Season 1, I was ecstatic to find that she had a restaurant in #YYC and CHARCUT quickly became my #1 restaurant – for lunch, dinner, and anything else I could fit in between! I have had so many amazing meals here (CHARCUT is the source of 95% of my OpenTable reservation reward points) and most recently Eva and I tried their happy hour menu before the Pentatonix concert (spoiler alert: the whole evening was amazing).

We started off with the White Sangria (5$) and were gifted the sausage-of-the-day from the kitchen (thank you chefs!) – this was the perfect starter as Eva and I really wanted to try everything but were trying to be restrained (we failed).

Of course we had to order the duck-fat fried poutine which remains one of the best bites I have ever had (as I type this, I am wondering which friend I can convince to do happy hour with me again) – the fries stayed crispy underneath the gravy, the curds were the perfect halfway point between half melted and still squeaky, and the portion size was perfect for 2 people who want to try everything else on the menu.

This is the Caesar salad dreams are made of. Eva and I first had this at an Open Table once-in-a-life-time dinner 5 years ago and we get it at least once a year (on special occasions) ever since then. The finely shaved parmesan cheese, house bacon, kale, and a sous vide egg… with the house caesar dressing? I swoon. I want this salad now, immediately.

There were actually two centrepieces to our happy hour dinner but we ate the pasta feature too fast for me to photograph, so here is the other piece de resistance – the striploin steak! If I had been eating this solo I probably would have ordered the soup with this, but we couldn’t think of a good way to not fight over the bowl of soup and there is never anything wrong about more duck-fat fries with parmesan so we went with that! The steak was a perfect medium rare (you can get it cooked to order but if you order it well done you will receive a universal frowny face hidden behind a polite smile – my frowny face would be openly judging you). CHARCUT uses locally sourced beef, and the chimichurri sauce is AMAZING. Must order.

I am determined to try the burger, the pasta again, and the charcuterie my next happy hour trip… CHARCUT’s happy hour is 2-5 PM and 10 PM until close Monday-Friday. Why aren’t you booking already??

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