#YYCEats: Yann Haute Patisserie

It’s Relais Desserts! #YYC is fortunate enough to have several amazing, passionate patisseries, but by far the one that I love best and have the longest love affair is “that little yellow house” in Mission: Yann Haute Patisserie. It’s probably a sign of how long I’ve been obsessed with French pastry, but they recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary, and I decided to celebrate… by buying a cake for myself to eat!

I was initially drawn to Yann because he was one of the only bakers in #YYC who had a large selection of traditional French macarons, but I quickly added his petits gateaux and viennoisseries as my “reasons” to visit. Yann and his team bake the best almond croissants in #YYC and if you visit early you may be fortunate to get one fresh out of the oven! If you are a little bit later, they are always happy to warm them up for you – and there are few things that feel more decadent than a warm, toasty croissant. His savory breads are just as amazing as his desserts – I adore the salmon and brie croissants, and the sausage rolls are equally fantastic. If you miss the baguette de tradition from Paris, Yann’s are excellent – you’ll just need to find a soft cheese and some charcuterie to accompany it (Mercato, which is next door, is an excellent source for this).

Their permanent menu is delicious but I make it a point (several times a year) to try their seasonal cakes – their macaron cakes are amazing (they make them for individual and group servings) – the cake above was a pineapple macaron cake from several years ago that I still remember very fondly.

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Seriously one of my favourite places in Calgary

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I really have been going there forever 🙂

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