#PlusSize #Style #Fashion: Pink, Patterns, and Pretty Dresses

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I love this city. #yyc #pink #yycnow #sakuralovely

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I spend an inordinate time wondering if it’s weird that I like to talk about doing laundry, which is actually probably my most preferred chore as I like my own clothes and I *LOVE* the smell of clean laundry. I joke that you can always tell when I’ve had time off because the contents of my lint trip are tinged a pink colour – because 90% of my actual clothing exists as a shade of pink or burgundy!

I think most people tend to gravitate to a few select colours or themes, and if I were more ambitious and/or had an Instagram spouse/partner to help me take more outfit photos I’d love to have a style blog – alas I am a very content happy single-ton who is also somewhat introverted so I usually only have myself to take outfit photos!

There are two other hallmarks of my own personal style other than the colour pink: dresses (when weather permits) and patterns! I am forced to wear pants or tights the majority of the year because Calgary is so cold, but as soon as it’s warm enough you can usually find me living in dresses!

I love small ‘ditzy’ prints, stripes, and flowers. This is evident whenever you can actually see my tops in my photos – I am more prone to wearing a small print or pattern rather than a solid coloured top (I wear solids at work and I think a part of my brain just rebels at the thought of wearing even more solids outside of it). I do tend to prefer sold pink dresses (perhaps because some patterns are just a little overwhelming head to toe) and it feels like every year I am in search of a pink dress in a particular shade or cut (over the last 10 years I can pinpoint at least one specific pink dress that it took me most of the year to find for every year). This year I’ve also been searching out cardigans or sweaters in different shades of pink, burgundy, and mauve!

Do you have any “signature” style elements? What draws you to them?

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