#Food #Travel: Sugar Beach Bake Shop + Ululani Shaved Ice

100% of the time I plan a lot of my trips around places I want to eat – I spend time researching what foods my destination is famous for, and then I look up where I can find the best version of said foods within my budget! During my recent travels to Maui this meant that I searched out a lot of local, cheap eats, but especially malasadas, which I remembered fondly from Honolulu, and shaved ice!

Malasadas are fresh fried donuts sometimes filled, but best eaten warm! Sugar Beach Bake Shop opens bright and early (6 am!) and fries their malasadas to order until 10 AM – after 10 AM, if you are lucky, they might have some filled ones you can take away, but it is worth the early wake-up to get them hot and fresh! I had the matcha sugar and li hing malasadas which were crispy, airy in the middle, and basically amazing. I did have a coconut filled one the next day for breakfast, but I definitely preferred the fresh fried version!

They also sell a variety of baked goods: I eventually tried their macadamia nut sticky buns, and a key lime and mango pie – both were excellent. If you arrive closer to lunch you can also have spam musubi which was well seasoned and warm!

Ululani Shaved Ice is rated #1 on TripAdvisor, and after my first visit (on day 2 of my trip) I ended up going there three more times! The texture of the ice was like fluffy snow, and the home made syrups weren’t too sweet at all – definitely splurge and get the haupia ice cream AND topping – I regretted not getting the topping the first time! My favourites were mango and coconut, but I wish I had been brave enough to try the li hing powder shaved snow!


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