#Skincare Saviours Part 2: Drunk Elephant, Tatcha, and Vichy Hydration

I think I look fairly similar without any makeup on as I do with makeup on (the above picture is after skincare products but with no colour/point makeup on) so I frequently have no-makeup days despite my love FOR makeup application, because, quite frankly, sometimes I’m lazy and if I don’t think I’m going to take selfies I don’t want to wear anything! But even on my ‘lazy’ days I apply my full skincare routine because it is much easier to have flawless makeup when you have a good canvas.

I am also making a concentrated effort to finish as many products as possible, especially before I buy new ones, and I find that I am more motivated if I can share what I have finished… so here we are. It isn’t that interesting to talk about empty containers, so to finish off my #PolarVortex skincare review, here are the things I’ve finished this winter!

Vichy Collagen Cream: Courtesy of Influenster, I was surprised at how much I liked this! It is a gel-cream formula, with a fairly strong clean fragrance. It absorbed well, and my skin was bouncy and soft after application. I would not repurchase as the fragrance was too strong and not scent I loved, but it did work well, and if you like the scent the results were also very good! But also I have like 4 other jars of moisturizer to get through so I am repeatedly telling myself I am not allowed to purchase another one until I get through at least another full sized jar.

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel: I love hyaluronic acid, and this came in set with my other Drunk Elephant purchase, so I used them concurrently! I used two pumps for my entire face and neck, and found that my skin was bouncy and soft after application and patting it in. I followed up with a moisturizer in the winter this year as it was so dry, but in the summer I would frequently just apply this + the Vitamin C serum and go (out of laziness). The pump is an auto-advancing vacuum seal which I loved, although the opaque packaging means that you can’t see how much you have left. This was about 1/2 the size of the full product and lasted me 4 months.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum: Other than hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C is my favourite skincare serum ingredient, and I love this formula! It is very pricey but if you purchase it in one of their holiday sets, the price point is much friendlier (for reference, I got this and the Intensive Hydration gel + a miniature sunscreen for the price of just the serum alone during the last VIB sale). This also uses a vacuum pump, and applies best when mixed with a gel or thicker consistency serum or moisturizer as this serum is a bit watery and drying on its own. My skin was definitely brighter and more even toned with regular application. I am currently using up/testing another Vitamin C serum but I have re-purchased this and would purchase as part of a gift set again!

Tatcha The Essence: I have waxed poetic about other brands, but if you forced me to stick with one, and also paid for it, I would gladly switch and keep Tatcha for my entire skincare routine forever. I have loved every product I’ve tried from the line, and the Essence will be part of my routine forever. This is a lotion product that is my first skincare step after cleansing, and it definitely helps other serums and lotions to sink in! I have finished multiple bottles of this (it makes me anxious when I’m close to empty). I use about a half-dime sized amount for my face and decolletage. A bottle of the Essence lasts me about 6 months (yes, I do have another bottle already in progress, and a backup bottle purchased already). Tatcha often sells this as part of their gift sets, so wait for one of those if the price tag is too high!

Tatcha Ageless Revitalizing Cream: Does anyone else worry when a brand starts repackaging their products but conspiculously leaves some in their original packaging? That is my current dilemma with the Ageless Revitalizing Cream – every other moisturizer Tatcha sells comes in a new jar except for this one, and I’m paranoid they will discontinue it! I’ve broken my own rules and purchased a backup, because even though this is very high priced, it is the best, most effective moisturizer I have ever used! I wish I loved this less as it is only available on QVC and the Tatcha website (one which doesn’t ship to Canada, and packages directly from Tatcha always get hit with duties for me). This theme is thick but very smooth and feels like silk on application. My skin is brighter, bouncy and soft, and feels well hydrated for more than 24 hrs. I love this cream and have repurchased it several times since discovering the line. Never leave me, Ageless!

Do you change up your skincare routine in the winter months? I might add in one or two products, but otherwise it remains just as step-intensive during the summer (my skin’s default mode is dry-like-a-desert).


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