Makeup Miniatures: A Long-Standing Love Affair

There are few exceptions to my view that everything is tinier in miniature. This year for their April Fool’s Day joke, Tatcha posted even tinier versions of their already excellent travel-sized products, stating that each one would be ‘single use only’ so that people could test out the line. My immediate reaction was, of course, OMG CUTE, and then a momentary reflection in which I realised that Tatcha would never do something so environmentally irresponsible… but I still wanted the extra tiny items! So of course when brands do actually offer miniature makeup items that are still useable, and in products I like, I want to obtain or purchase them!

I particularly enjoy when the quality of miniature makeup items remains the same as the full-size option – my favourite tiny makeup items perform just as well as their full-sized brethren and are packaged the same way. A ‘deluxe’ sized item should be just as functional, and the above minis – the Laduree blushes, Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette, and Bobbi Brown lipstick – definitely do that! As someone who has more makeup than I will likely get through in a lifetime I do appreciate the smaller sized, but equally luxuriously packaged products – they feel like items worth keeping (I actually really loathe cardboard card-samples for colour makeup as I feel there is no good way to apply them). While I did redeem Sephora points for the ‘sample’ sized Bobbi Brown lipstick and Atelier Cologne Clementine California, both the Laduree blushes and Natasha Denona eyeshadows are/were for purchase (though at slightly lower price points compared to their full sized counterparts). I am still able to apply the lipstick and perfume without any special tools or techniques, and the pan sizes of the blushes and eyeshadows still allowed me to use full-sized makeup brushes for application, which is important!

The products might be tiny, but their impact is not. Do you collect tiny makeup (or other things)?


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