Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis

This is nearly a year in the making, but Black Friday beauty deals are always incredibly deadly for me, especially when they come from brands I am intensely curious about! When the Metalmorphosis 005 collection first came out, I wanted it immediately – but at $165 USD it was a very hard price to swallow, and then it sold out right away, so I bid it goodbye regretfully and tried to forget…

Only for it to come out last Black Friday for a one day price of 99$. Before I could quite process it, I had ordered it, and once it arrived, it was too pretty to open right away (but as you can see, I did eventually get over the desire to keep it in its sequined envelope forever).

The Metalmorphosis 005 collection came with each of the 4 lab test powder and cream eyeshadow combos, a gel sealer to intensify the metallic nature of the eyeshadows (which I promptly lost) and a giant liquid eyeliner (that I haven’t tried since the tip is gigantic and terrifying). Everything was packaged in the brand’s signature metallic envelope which uses the sequins as padding. I thought the sequins were in a separate compartment, and much to my chagrin, I am still finding loose sequins around my house now from when I opened the kit.

Gold 001 was one of the very first lab kits, and the colour I was most excited to try. I was a little worried that the gold shade would be too warm or yellow for my skin tone – this is not a subtle colour at all! Where it excels is that this is a true yellow-gold – it’s almost the exact same colour as my 14K gold earrings! The cream eyeshadow applies well as a base, but the true metallic finish comes when you layer the powder shade on top. While both shades apply generally opaque on their own, they look their most molten together.

Bronze 005 and Copper 005 both looked very similar in their packaging to me, but Bronze 005 is a touch cooler. This is probably my favourite ‘set’ of metals – I do wish it were closer to a rose gold, but I love the sheen and the metallic finish still looks appropriate for day time wear.

Bronze 005 is much warmer in comparison, and the metallic finish when layered with the cream eyeshadow companion is much stronger. The warm finish definitely brought out my more yellow undertones (more than Gold 001, which is a very yellow gold did, oddly).

Silver 005 was the shade I could have done without, but ended up producing one of my favourite looks! Although this shade did not foil as strongly with the others, the silver has very neutral undertones and played well with both warm and cool colours in the crease. Surprisingly, I felt like this silver look was the most wearable as an ‘every day’ look as the foil finish was not as strong as it was with the Bronze, Copper, and Gold Metalmorphosis kits!

Although the price point is high, and the packaging is very minimal, the quality of the Pat McGrath LAB test kits is fantastic, and worth this reduced spend for me. I have my sights set on one of the decadence palettes next!


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