Plus-Size-Me #biggirlyyc and #hellolovelyyc

There’s been a shift in my thought process over the last year, in terms of what I aspire to be ‘style-wise’. I always think (and tell) my friends that the Instagram and blogs someone follows are usually indicative of what people really like or are interested in, and this has always been true for me: I follow makeup, food, and travel blogs generally! But over the last year I’ve started to follow fashion blogs, and not the brands or the trends, but plus-size bloggers – because I was finally, finally seeing other girls post and have fun and be fashionable!

There have been two local #yyc accounts that have influenced me the most: the first, @biggirlyyc, is facilitated by the amazing Erin, and hosts size-inclusive fitness and wellness events for women in Calgary. I finally attended my first event which was an amazing pool party and even after publicly posting pictures of myself for YEARS, there was something incredibly uplifting about seeing other women my size rock their swimsuits and bikinis without fear of reprisal or judgement! The aqua zumba was fun, and the entire morning was a blast – I definitely hope to make it to another event soon!

The second account is @hello.lovelyyc which is Sarah Murdoch’s love letter to plus size women from #yyc. I was fortunate to be one of the 100 amazing people she photographed and it was an eye opening experience. I have spent years generally avoiding full body pictures of myself (and, in fact, solo pictures of myself in general) because I never felt like I was in the best ‘shape’ to be photographed – so seeing a professionally done photo of myself, and then seeing that photo up for display was a jarring reminder that no matter my size, it’s important to me to have memories and it’s okay for me to be in pictures – and to want there to be pictures of me!

The two photos above were taken in opposite seasons, and it’s been a year of exploring this new desire to take photos that AREN’T Just my face – but I’m excited! From summer (and sunburns) to winter and embellished sweaters, I’m excited to see what the next year brings, and I’m hoping to blog accordingly.


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