Scented Candles and Self Care: Diptyque // Coal & Canary

“Who was it that said she didn’t get the appeal of candles?”

Right here, that would be this girl. I will openly admit that for years, and years, whenever I would see pictures of fancy scented candles on Instagram and other social media, I would like for the aesthetic but laugh to myself that *I* would never spend that much on a candle. Years later, and how the tables have turned! I think a large part of it was moving out on my own and having a space where I could burn scented candles (for hours at a time, if I want to), but also having one amazing collection (the Diptyque Rosa Viola) push me over the edge.

Rosa Viola remains my favourite candle purchase thus far, but I burn it rarely as I am afraid of the day I finish it! I’m equal parts excited to use the glass to store other items but sad that I did not buy a back up as the scent is one of my favourites. The rosy floral smells light and clean to me, and the throw on this candle is amazing – I can smell it throughout my main floor when I burn it.

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Finally using the #diptyque #carrousel

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The discovery of the Diptyque Carousels also amped up my candle-buying tendencies – there is something so soothing about the play of light as the flame spins the the carousel, and I combine candle scents now so I can have a small votive spin the carousel, and a larger candle at the same time!

Coal and Canary are one of my favourite “local” candle producers, based in Winnipeg, MB. While I like to buy candles both for their scent and packaging, I definitely went scent first for Great Complexion and No Reception – the coconut, lime, grapefruit and jasmine combination is so tropical. The throw on these candles is not as far reaching as the Diptyque, but they burn an even layer well, and I love the wooden wick – the candle makes a comforting crackling sound as it burns and it reminds me of having a fireplace! It takes about 2 hours for a complete layer of wax to burn evenly (so I burn these on long afternoons). They have recently changed their packaging, but I have bought several candles following this one and enjoy them a lot. I have burned this candle for nearly 40 hours already and I am finally reaching the bottom!

I find the act of lighting a candle and relaxing integral to my self-care these days, especially during the winter! The scents perfume my  home lightly, and the atmosphere is perfect for curling up on my couch with a book or tablet and taking some ‘me’ time. I always make sure to trim my wicks – the Diptyque candles have a traditional wick, so I do use a wick trimmer, and the Coal and Canary candles are self trimming (otherwise I just snap a thin line off the top before I burn them).

I’m looking foward to finally finishing some candles so I can experiment with cleaning the glasses so I can re-use them!


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