Springtime Sparkles: YSL Desir du Jour Eyeshadow Palette


I’ll be upfront: I am a total sucker for packaging. While product quality is always the most important, the nicer the packaging, the more forgiving I am to the product! Out of all the luxury brands out there YSL goes above and beyond with the packing for their featured eye palettes, and since I’ve started to notice this, the Desir du Jour palette is definitely my favourite!

I had a long period of LE-regret with this palette: I wanted it because of the sparkly pink exterior AND the inside shades, but my addiction to makeup (especially eyeshadow) meant that I (likely) had several dupes of the colours. I tried to be sensible, and passed. Eventually, when I had talked myself into it, it was sold out online!

Thankfully, about a month after that, we randomly happened to be at the mall where Murale is located, and they had ONE palette left – and a bonus points event – and before I knew it, I was on my way home with this beauty!

I am SO glad my wallet took a hit for this palette. It’s an ideal combination of cool neutrals with a light pink to add some sheen. The YSL Couture Eye palettes have a soft, smooth texture to their shadows – the shimmery shades apply well and they blend without fading away. I generally wear these over a base of either UDPP or a L’Oreal Colour Infalliable Eyeshadow, and I find them long lasting – greater than 8 hours with no fading.

I’ve used this palette as my latest ‘go-to’ lazy palette, and finally managed to get these pics on a beautiful sunny day in Calgary. Sunshine makes the best lighting 🙂

#brunch outside @dairylanecafe with a milkshake! #yyc #yyceats

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Also it went pretty perfectly with my chocolate milkshake.


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