Nude Lips with Make Up For Ever

As with most things in my life, my default tends to be pink. So although @MakeupforeverCA’s Nude Lip set in Innocent might be in the comfort zone for most, for me it was testing a limit – I never go for nude lips!

The Tease Me set was released as part of the 50 Shades of Grey collection by Make Up for Ever and includes 3 products from their permanent line: a lipliner, liquid lipstick, and a sparkly lipgloss.

I’m usually too lazy to use lipliners, but this set has definitely changed my outlook on multi-product lip looks! I’m also generally afraid of having my lips look too pale for my face whenever I try ‘nude’ looks, but thankfully all three products had a touch of pink and didn’t wash me out at all when I wore them! As a result, this ‘nude’ look has become my go-to lip look when I get the feeling I probably should have more office-appropriate lips (or if I’m wearing heavy eye makeup or going out to eat).

Aqua Lip Lip Pencil in Medium Natural Beige 3C: This pencil truly is a natural beige, and on me it’s a peachy-pink – a My Lips But Better look! I didn’t find this pencil exceptionally drying, but the finish is quite matte with my lips. I never wear this alone (it doesn’t pop enough) but it makes a great base both for the ‘nude’ lip look and also under some brighter lip colours without altering the final shade.

Aqua Rouge Lipstick in 3 Medium Natural Beige, Clear: I actually already had this from the Aqua Rouge holiday set released last year, but I’d never picked up due to my aversion to nude lips – this set changed that! The Aqua Rouge formula is fantastic and once the clear gloss is applied, nearly immovable. I’ve had this last through 2+ drinks and a meal, and not required touch ups! The shade of this gloss is a bit darker than the pencil, but it still held that touch of pink so that I didn’t have mannequin-lips.

Lab Shine Lipgloss in D16 Shimmering Beige: I adore sparkly glosses but I also hate how sticky they can be, so the Lab Shine MUFE glosses are always a nice surprise – they are hardly sticky, just slick, and this gloss is amazingly sparkly. I love layering it over pretty much any colour for a bit of sparkle. That being said, I prefer wearing lipstick as I can apply it without a mirror (mostly) so this gloss only gets used when I have time, and am willing to bring a mirror for touch-ups!

Overall, although the set was released for Valentine’s Day, I have been able to use it so much no matter what the weather, or my overall makeup look is! I don’t think I’ll abandon my beloved bright lips any time soon, but it’s nice to have an option that doesn’t make my mom give me strange looks – and that is more than appropriate for work!

All three products are permanent, so even if you missed out on the 50 Shades of Grey packaging, you can still pick up this complete look at Sephora!


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