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I will confess, if I were less lazy I’d probably be a food blogger. I love trying new restaurants, recipes, and foods, and my Instagram account is pretty much 70% food. And I definitely eat everything I consider worth posting! I was lucky enough to win a once-in-a-lifetime dinner at my all-time favourite restaurant in Calgary through OpenTable at CHARCUT. This was especially awesome as 95% of the points I’ve earned have been at this restaurant so of course when I found out I was a winner I jumped at the dinner!

First, TOTAL shoutout to the OpenTable and CHARCUT events teams, as they put up with my many e-mails and requests – thankfully both my hospital job AND CHARCUT were awesome about the reserveration time and I got to bring one of my very dear friends with me, AND not miss work to the dinner. My immue system was a bit more difficult and I apologize profusely for everyone who had to listen to me cough. But I wasn’t about to let a spring cold stop an awesome meal!

The menu, seen above, was MASSIVE. @Miss_Eva and I eat at CHARCUT as often as we can and knowing the portion sizes we were both a little nervous seeing how many courses they were! But the chefs and waitstaff at CHARCUT were awesome and assured us that we didn’t have to try to finish every course (and, in fact, our waiter pointed out that we’d probably have to tap out after the salads if we tried – this was very sound advice).

I *LOVE* the selfie stick although my poor S5 was a bit too heavy for it – I may take up everyone’s suggestions to use duct-tape to reinforce it, but this is definitely travelling with me from now on! I loved that there was a shutter button right on the stick šŸ™‚

I adore rotisseries and after years of longingly gazing at the seats in front of the kitchen I finally got to sit there! Best experience ever, even if the smell of the chicken was making me SO hungry. I distracted myself by examining all the awesome pork-related paraphernalia (and also contemplating what I wanted to eat as the dishes went by me)

SO many cute pig things! Makes me grateful for bacon šŸ™‚

Eva and I finally figured out the selfie stick, because we are awesome like that. And this is the last time I used the selfie stick because I was really entranced by the food once it started arriving.

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Bubbles!! @charcut #100opentables

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Our meal had wine pairings for each course, and we started off with a nice Rose champagne šŸ™‚

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Will elaborate but so yummy @charcut #100opentables

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This was a buffalo mozzarella salad with sundried tomato and radicchio. This had a nice light tangy dressing, and there was a perfect balance of tomato, radicchio, greens and cheese so that every bite I took had all the components in it. The leftovers later that night were awesome too!

Beet salad: the red beets were roasted and sweet, the golden beets were pickled, and the walnuts and goat cheese were a perfect combo. We order this salad all the time, and this was the only course we managed to finish. I love beets šŸ™‚

The escarole salad was my favourite salad of the night, and the 360 sous vide egg was PERFECT. It was the best caesar-ish salad I’ve ever had and I’m going to put a soft, yolky egg on all my salads from now on. This was so massive I took some home, but it was awesome the next day, too, although I had no egg left!

Okay, so this charcuterie board was AMAZING. My favourite was the bratwurst but I also loved the cured beef and the mortadella. There was so much left that I had really awesome mini-charcuterie boards as leftovers for lunch for 2 days after the meal!

And this was the point that Eva and I had to take a digestion break and then realized how big the rabbit was. I think we were both just expecting the loin – not the whole rabbit!

If the foie-gras stuffed rabbit wasn’t amazing enough, we also had the famous (and our favourite) duck fat poutine, fig jam, gravy, AND Connie DeSousa (who Eva and I happily fan-girl for) hand shaved truffles over everything! I’m pretty sure both my eyes and my stomach were *_____*

Oh and cannot forget duck-fat-fried brussel sprouts. These were awesome and crispy.

My favourite combo was a slice of rabbit and foie, dipped in gravy with a touch of fig jam. Such an amazing combo. We only managed 2 slices of loin each, but the leftover rabbit (and fig jam!!) was amazing the next day, too.

We left so much rabbit because we were determined to finish dessert. The lemon cream tart was amazing – I love citrus flavours, and the filling was nice and tart. The whipped cream was nice and smooth, and we polished this off.

I adore the french toast pie – it is like an amazing maple bread putting with pie crust. It also came with salted caramel ice cream, so of course we finished this too.

And then we waddled back to our cars šŸ™‚

I can’t thank CHARCUT and OpenTable enough for the most amazing meal of my life. CHARCUT remains one of my favourite restaurants – this just reinforced that!

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