Make Up For Ever Ink Liner in Matte Black


First off, a Christmas/Holiday round-up. While you might expect that this would mean a glut of holiday looks, I actually went the entire holiday with almost no makeup at all, largely due to being stuck at work – our Christmas schedules were awful – and being too busy/tired to do more than shower and collapse in bed at the end of my shifts. But it WAS my first Christmas in my own house and I adore it anyway, so of course I decorated – my tree was pink and gold (it was so hard to find pink ornaments, you have no idea) and I am determined to decorate even more next year. <3.

So of course when I finally finished all of my work shifts AND it was the beginning of a new year, I thought the best way to kick it off was to finally do my makeup on January 1 – hopefully setting the tone for a year full of awesome looks and beauty discoveries. It helped that I had all of the holiday/Sephora Sale/winter releases to play with! My first foray was with all new products, and I've spent the last week testing the featured product of this post: MUFE's new liquid Ink Liner in matte black.


This is definitely the blackest liquid liner I own, and is one of the few liquid liners I’ve seen that is completely matte – my HG K-palette has a satin finish, and while it sounds odd, the matte black strikes me as being more dramatic. The calligraphy style tip of the liner deposits the product evenly, though admittedly it does take a lot of practice to apply it in a clean line! The formula is very liquid, and does take several seconds to set – so be careful not to blink else you might smudge the liner onto your upper lid (which I might have done the first few tries…)

The Ink Liner isn’t waterproof but does wear well – I got over 8 hours of wear with no flaking or fading. It removes easily with an oil based makeup remover or wipe, but if you make mistakes while applying it water removes it if you can get to it immediately!


I like the matte black finish of this liner – it’s very different from everything else I own – but unless you wear dramatic liner on a regular basis I’d save this for evening or dramatic looks – it’s definitely noticeable!

MUFE’s Ink Liner is available at Sephora now, for 29$ CAD šŸ™‚


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