Guerlain Night at the Opera Holiday 2014


It seems like it’s been ages since this event happened but with it finally being December I am finally getting around to using and photographing all of my fall and holiday collections! The somewhat nice thing about makeup releases in Canada is that they actually happen in the season they’re intended for – but sometimes this means I wait months for collections to finally make it to Calgary!


I was fortunate enough to attend an event at Murale #yyc featuring Marie-Claude Brault and the Night in the Opera collection. These events are always dangerous to my wallet as I end up wanting almost everything used! The star item of the makeover was the dual-layer Petrouchka eyeshadow and blush palette but we used the whole collection. I was first treated to a mini facial using the Orchidee Imperiale range which smells like violets and made my skin glow – I like to think I have pretty awesome skin anyway but I definitely felt much more hydrated and the SAs floating around Murale all commented on how ‘glowy’ I was after the serum and moisturizer application.

The star item of the makeover was the Petrouchka palette which comes with 5 eyeshadows, 4 cheek powders and a bow hair tie. The palette is shaped like the Blush G from previous collections. I spent about a month debating about whether I would pick this up, but seeing the way Marie Claude applied the warm-toned eyeshadows convinced me. I love golds and Browns for everyday and the Petrouchka eyeshadows applied with almost a metallic finish which makes this a good party palette as well! The palette also came with eyeshadow applicators and a mini cheek brush with a velvet pouch. I never touch up my makeup as I am lazy, but the all in one nature of this palette is ideal for the person always on the go!

The Murale event focused on a complete holiday look so of course Marie Claude also used the Meteorites Perles D’Etoiles as a blush on me – I was very surprised as the meteorites tend to apply better as a translucent finishing powder but the darker pink pearls in this mix applied very well! Marie Claude also used them as an all over shimmer.


Of course it wouldn’t be a holiday look without a bright red lipstick! I adore the Rouge G formula and despite the HIGH price tag it is a lipstick collection I love so of course I Had to pick up the LE red packaging 🙂

I absolutely loved this collection. Which holiday collections did you splurge on? I have lots (LOTS) more to post, better get my bum in gear!


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