My Best Friend’s Wedding


I’m posting this so late that my bestie has been a Mrs for nearly 3 months now, but the important part is that I am actually posting it right? This is my 200th post on WordPress! I can hardly believe how much time has flown by since I switched platforms, and even more unbelievably, since I started blogging! Beauty blogging has seen me through many large milestones over the last number of years, and has played a role in the most important parts of my life – including the subject of this post!

I first met Nunu through another beauty blogger way back in early 2010 and after being stranded in her hotel room due to a freak snow storm with only TLC medical shows and my ADDICTION eyeshadows to keep us occupied we have been inseparable – and occasionally indistinguishable – from each other online and in person, whenever we manage to end up in the same city. The other Tine (Tine1, as she is older) had announced that she had given in to J and agreed to get married in August so obviously I packed my bags to head to YVR to see one of my favourite people (and also to eat, which is generally my chief priority when in Vancouver)

Given that we ARE beauty bloggers Tine1 had kindly gone to IMATS for me and hauled a bunch of makeup for me so I was able to minimize my packing – so I was good and only brought one eyeshadow palette. Of course then we were both lazy and I didn’t use any of the makeup she bought me until I could take a picture of it, but that didn’t happen WHILE I was in Vancouver because we were more focused on eating (haha).

So basically ALL these FOTDs feature the Fetiches palette from the Fall Collection. The eyeshadow quality on these new palettes is fantastic, and the Cuir palette served me well – I got over 8 hrs of no-crease wear, and the shadows were true-to-pan colour with application. I am also a sucker for LE packaging so it also helped that the palette was covered in leather! The compact is weighty and the leather gives it an almost clutch-like feel. LOVE.


My trip was filled with good food and time well spent with my other half and I miss her even as I type this. I can only hope we go on more adventures that I can blog about 3 months later (maybe by then I’ll be at post 300, haha) in the years to come!


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