Make Up for Ever Artist Liner in Diamond Black


I feel like all I have talked about lately is pencil-shaped products but as I am still in love with them and am using them frequently, I figure it’s just as well, and besides – if you’re still reading this at least one other person doesn’t mind so much! It’s nice to see that product formulation is starting to cater to those of us that lose tiny beauty accessories – I mean pencil sharpeners – as many of the new eyeliners coming out are automatic – something this beauty addict is very grateful for!

Although not ‘labelled’ as part of the Aqua line, the recently launched Make Up For Ever Artist liners are as equally waterproof as their Aqua, regular-sharpened counterparts – but even better because they are twist-up! The core part of the pencil is very thin and fine, and even after several uses I found it to apply very thin, even lines. There was no drag to the pencil and unless I did it intentionally, very little smudging. The Diamond black colour had very good pigmentation with almost a metallic finish, and no glittery fallout. Although I usually prefer to wear liquid liner, the Artist Liner provided a thin, precise line that looked less ‘made-up’ than my usual liquid liner – this made it perfect for work!



I’ve been wearing the Artist Liner with MUFE’s Aquamatic pencils and it allows me to apply my eye makeup in under 5 minutes which is a definite blessing when one wants to sleep in a little bit more 🙂



The Artist Liner pencil removed fairly easily with micellar water and makeup remover wipes, and I didn’t notice any additional smudging after an 8 hr workday. The liners are 23.00$ CAD and are available at Sephora and here:

I’m hoping to pick up the brown next!


One thought on “Make Up for Ever Artist Liner in Diamond Black

  1. I like twist up pencils as well! But I’ve found that some of them dry out and become brittle. I hope this one doesn’t do that!

    By the way, after moving to WordPress, I found that my feed was not updating. Sorry about that! If you are subscribed to my blog and haven’t been receiving updates recently, could you please remove and then re-add my blog? So sorry for the trouble, and I hope that this smooths things out!

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