Reveal Your Inner Artist: Make Up for Ever Artist Shadow Event with Kabuki


Chinook Centre has been absolutely buzzing with beauty events all fall which is EXTREMELY dangerous for my wallet but one of the most fun events was definitely the launch of the new Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows a few weeks ago. A live DJ in the doorway, the eyeshadows transmitted onto the floor, and a team of professional makeup artists? Pretty much a WIN in the making :D. I was very excited when I received an e-mail from Aida at MUFE-Canada inviting me to the event I was quick to dash off my acceptance – it helped that I’d be working in the area all week so it was on my way and easy to get to!

I was happy to finally get to meet Aida in person – she is tall and amazing and gorgeous and was rocking a black lipstick like it was no big deal – if only I had the confidence! The way the event was organized was that Kabuki would colour match and pick out three shades for each person, and then we were whisked off to one of the pro team to play away!

Kabuki was lovely and picked out an amazing trio for me that I’ll showcase in another post, but my MUA and Aida and I ended up picking mermaid colours because I wanted to see the finish of the new diamond shadows!


I know the rule is generally bright lips =/= bright eyes, but a nude lip looked so odd with such jewel toned shadow and we all know I am not one to shy away from a hot pink lipstick if I can have one. Thanks to Danica for doing my makeup and for Aida for the awesome invite! I wore the look for another 6 hrs with no creasing before I finally gave in and took it off so I could sleep 🙂



Sorry for the graininess but this was 6 hrs later! It was pitch black by then haha.

I have a TONNE more Make Up For Ever stuff to review but this definitely makes me want to attend more Sephora events – so much fun!


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