I am #beautyobsessed: Fall Trends at #hudsonsbay Chinook Centre

I usually try not to be envious of other bloggers, but when you look at the awesome beauty events that regularly occur in Vancouver and Toronto, it makes me a bit sad that nothing ever seems to happen in #yyc even though we are clearly as awesome as the other two Canadian metropolitan centres. 😀 So of course when Dave Lackie announced that he’d be doing a trend event at the Bay I jumped at the chance to attend.

I’m so glad I did! I was blown away by the grand scale of the event, from the full stage set-up to the individual makeup stations each brand had set up, but the best part was getting to meet Dave in person, and also the amazing Nina Westbury who showed us a new blush application technique (I’m now thinking I need a new blush brush) as they went through fall trends (which if I can motivate myself I’ll do a post for each one). I loved seeing all the backstage runway pictures although Eva did laugh when I sheepishly told her I had most of the fall products they were featuring already ^^;

Of course, as it always happens, every time I go to a makeup event I Manage not to do my OWN makeup before hand so I only had time to apply lipstick – this is the Marc Jacobs matte lip pencil in Pop-arazzi with NARS Orgasm lipgloss overtop. Currently my favourite hot pink lip combo. Thankfully, as I look very similar to myself WITH makeup, Dave found me anyway. 😛

I had to wait until after the trend presentation to steal Nina away and then find Dave amidst the chaos of the beauty department (who knew there were so many beauty lovers in Calgary?) but I managed this picture. They are both so tall!! I hope the next event I get a chance to play with makeup WITH them but it was awesome to chat about new products with both of them. I’m wearing my new favourite dress in the picture which is navy and pink and has hearts on it is so is automatically amazing.

And of course, there were freebies! The rush for the gift bags Hudson’s Bay was nice enough to give to the registrants was INSANE, and I actually had someone try to bribe me out of my ticket (unlikely!!). I’ll feature the actual products I PURCHASED in another post.

The event was incredibly fun and Eva and I were completely exhausted at the end but it was such a fantastic evening. :D. I’m off to play with my purchases now, I’ll report back with how I like them!


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