Les Merveilleuses de Laduree: Brand Spotlight


This is probably only an issue a select population would understand, but have you ever wondered why some beauty brands just never seem to explode in the blogging world? When Les Merveilleuses de Laduree first came out there was so much hype surrounding the brand that as soon as I found out a dear friend of mine would be going we both immediately started planning our purchase lists.

Fast forward two years later and there is hardly a whisper in the English beauty blogs about the brand although it’s LE releases still sell out and it’s now very slightly more available.

So I thought I would do a Laduree look because this is a high end brand whose quality lives up to it’s price point and packaging!


I think a lot of the initial hype surrounding the line related largely to its rose petal blushes which are beautiful and expensive, but too fussy for me by far :P. I prefer the cream and powder blushes by far – Laduree has possibly the most impressive collection and colour spectrum of permanent powder blushes I’ve seen – in this fotd however, I’m using one of the LE cheek bases which are egg shaped and apply very similarly to a NARS multiple. The texture of the cream bases is a bit dry but the formula doesn’t tug and they blend well with a blush or finger tips. I tend to swipe the base along a cheek bone and then blend out with my fingers πŸ™‚


I’m sad to say that apparently the original line of Laduree lipsticks has already been ‘reformulated’ because the original ones were a lovely range of work friendly pinks and reds and the packaging was exquisite. Although the price point is/was quite high, the lipsticks applied easily straight from the tube, with minimal scent. On me they are non-drying and wear for about 3-4 hours with sips (but not a full meal). I regret not getting more than one! I don’t think the new ones have charms, sadly 😦


I’ve reviewed the eyeshadow quint I used in this look before and it remains my only palette from the line. While the quality is good I dislike the lack of separate pans and that you have to buy the case separately – who finishes multiples of an eyeshadow PALETTE that fast?

In any case: if you’re comfortable with the price point, like clean colours and luxurious packaging, then you will likely at least like whatever you TRY from Laduree…

It’s just too bad you can’t get a macaron fresh with every product too!


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