Pop of Pink: Marc Jacobs x Sephora

image   The amount of work that goes into a product line, especially when launching a makeup brand, must be phenomenal. Perhaps it speaks to my age (especially my ‘blogging’ age) but I can remember several fashion brands launching that eventually all fell to the wayside: Calvin Klein, Rock & Republic, Charlotte Ronson were all cosmetic lines that had fairly full-scale launches (base, point, and nail makeup) and in some cases excellent products (RIP R&R Cashmere Blushes) but all eventually disappeared. So of course when Marc Jacobs launched a makeup line at Sephora I was a little hesitant to try it out – the price point, especially in Canada, was fairly high and I’d been burned before – both by product quality AND the line eventually disappearing, so rather than jump in right away I waited a while before buying my first products – and in this case, my luck was about 50/50 – though I am encouraged overall!   image

While I am still on my pseudo-eyeshadow ban, I find that my attention has been drawn to blushes and lip pencils recently. I picked up Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious which is a cool, hot pink. Sephora describes the blush as:


Inspired by Marc’s tattoo, Shameless Bold Blush gives you permission to pursue all the wrongs that feel so right. Petite on the outside, but generous on the inside, this patented powder brings an unprecedented vibrancy to your cheeks. Unlike traditional powders, Shameless Bold Blush melds with your skin and enables you to sculpt perfect contours. The formula is infused with bio-lipids and essential amino acids, which create the powder’s ultra lightweight, silky texture and ensures a seamless application. Choose from shades of unexpected, unadulterated colors—all inspired by Marc’s bold spirit—to create a look that is powerful, lavish, and shameless.

I was initially quite UNimpressed – the first few swipes of my brush on the blush resulted in almost no pigment on the brush, but once I got past the initial layer I got medium pigmentation. The formula wasn’t very powdery and it required two or three applications before I had a semi-visible ‘flush’ I liked. I’d toss the brush this came with (it’s synthetic and too small for effective application for me) but I did like how slim the compact was and the included mirror. Verdict? Worth trying if you get it as a gift or with a discount, but at full price it’s too expensive for the product quality.



On the other hand, I am completely in love with Kiss Pop Lip Colour Sticks which are matte lip crayons and full of amazingness. The packaging is ADORABLE and I love the silver casing. I also love that they are twist up pencils! The colour applies evenly, true to package with one layer, and wears evenly as well – after a sandwich I still had colour on my lips and it had worn fairly evenly – no lip lines here! While not necessarily hydrating, I did not find the crayons drying at all and I *LOVE* the colours. I hope these stay a part of the range for a long time to come (and I eventually want all of them).

Have you tried anything from this line? Are you going to? I’m always up for suggestions!


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