Pastel Pencils: Clio Gelspresso


My favourite kind of eye look recently is super simple and plays to my also recent love of eyeshadow pencils. I love he look of a swipe of coloured eyeliner and a black cat-eye so of course when Nunu first showed me the pastel Gelspresso pencils I was initially intrigued but then brushed off the idea of wearing pastels as all my previous experiences with them had resulted in a mostly white eye look – not my cup of tea!

Of course then I had a dear friend who happened to be travelling to Seoul and since Nunu had wanted the lilac eyeliner I thought it couldn’t hurt to try them out if I wasn’t going to be paying gmarket fees…

My impulse buying still needs some training 😛


Thankfully these pastel pencils perform exactly like their regular counterparts from the Gelspresso line: smooth, one swipe twist up pigmentation. I was initially surprised at how bright the shades were but after my initial terror I grew to love them… Or at least the red shade which was actually fuchsia on my lids!


I tried to recreate Dior’s summer look and while my precision with the pencils could use some more practice I love the pop of colour right at the lash line 🙂

Are there any makeup looks you love recently? I’d love to see them!


One thought on “Pastel Pencils: Clio Gelspresso

  1. Thanks for your review! The colors are so pretty and look very pigmented. Something to add to my wish list, although will definitely stick with more traditional eyeliner colors.

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