MUFE Aqua Matic Pencils: My Summer Eyemakeup Cheat


After the 8 month winter this year you’d think I’d be grateful for the hot summer weather, and I generally am, except that it’s been unseasonably HOT for Calgary (this is a city that is normally 20-27 during the summer) with several days of 30+ weather… lovely for a few hours but not so great day after day (this is why I will never live near the equator) but even though we may not see the humidity and heat of other places, I still need my makeup to be fairly sweatproof – who wants to touch up when you are overcooking already?

Thank goodness for the Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic Pencils: designed to be waterproof, sweatproof, and vibrant, these eyeshadows do not budge once they are on. You’d expect this to mean that they are hard to blend but the opposite is true – the pencils have a creamy feel on application but aren’t so soft as to snap (pet peeve with eyeliners) and thankfully these are twist up – so no wasted product from sharpening (though granted, I don’t know how you’d resharpen the tip – I don’t need it pointy so I don’t care as long as I can twist the product up as need be).

I’ve been obsessed with the convenience of eye pencils lately so of course I ran to Sephora when they released these to swatch them all…


Top image: Immediately after swatching, one swipe only, no primer. I love the satin/metallic finish on these eyeshadows.

Bottom image: Swatches after 2 days, 2 showers, and about 100x instances of handwashing with both soap and water and alcohol based hand sanitizer. These swatches DO NOT MOVE. I finally resorted to a proper bi-phase eyemakeup remover and a makeup wipe to get them off.


Make Up For Ever was kind enough to send me the above Aqua Matic pencil for testing at the beginning of the summer, and it’s definitely become a daily staple. I use it as an all over base, and even on my low/no-makeup days it’s a definite eye-brightener. I’ve worn it to work and even in A/C environments it lasted 12 hrs with no creasing!



If you are looking for a fuss-free, quick eye makeup product I highly recommend the Aqua Matic pencils. Can’t wait to pick up more!


3 thoughts on “MUFE Aqua Matic Pencils: My Summer Eyemakeup Cheat

  1. Looks great! I love that it stays put even with all the hand cleaning you did and in the humidity. I don’t remember if you have the Clio Gelpresso liners and if you’ve reviewed them. If you do have them, how do these do brands compare to each other?

    • I have them I Just haven’t posted about them ^^; The MUFE pencils aren’t as creamy and are much bigger – these are definitely meant more as an all-over colour while the Gelspresso pencils are the same size as a regular liner – you can use them as a lid colour but it takes a lot longer!

      The Gelspresso has more interesting finishes but these are definitely more waterproof. The Gelspresso (I promise to post swatches and a proper review someday) didn’t stand up as well to handwashing.

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