Playful Packaging: Club Clio Lipnicures


I am not quite sure if it’s out of boredom with the standard packaging but lately it seems like brands are almost trying disguise one product as another. Nowhere is this more evident than in the packaging of liquid cheek and lip stains – they all look like nail polish to me! Clio, a Korean cosmetics company, took this one step further by naming one of their liquid lipstick lines ‘Lipnicure’ – these stains dry down much like a nail polish until they are pretty much waterproof (and almost impossible to remove without an oil base).


The Clio Lipnicures are designed to be waterproof, matte lip stains which only require one layer for fully pigmented application – and this is pretty true. They have a fruity scent, and apply true to tube, and they are IMMOVABLE. You definitely need a dedicated makeup remover to make these budge – they last well through a bottle of water for me assuming I’ve let them ‘dry’ properly (Clio recommends at least 30 seconds). There’s also an available top coat which makes the immovable colour glossy but as I like matte finishes, I wore these on their own 🙂

The only downside to these (other than that they aren’t easy to get outside of Asia) is that they have a sort of soapy taste, but once they are dried down it isn’t an issue.



The Lipnicures are mostly really BRIGHT matte shades and I love how they wear. They weren’t drying at all, and after the initial awkward 30-seconds of going :O so that the formula would dry, I completely forgot I was wearing it (to the point that when I wiped my makeup off I was surprised at how pink the wipe was!). I definitely want to pick up more (except that I have enough lip products for me and several others. Not that that has ever stopped me…)

Are you into a specific kind of product lately? Do share!


One thought on “Playful Packaging: Club Clio Lipnicures

  1. Sounds interesting. I’m surprised that they aren’t drying. I find that lip stains tend to emphasize dry lips and settle into fine lines and cracks. It looks great on you though.

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