Shopping the Stash: Blushes



I think my favourite part about unpacking (if there is one) is getting to re-shop my stash… there are SO many things that I’d completely forgotten about that it’s embarrassing and while I continue to love new makeup releases there is something very calming about being able to just pull out a container of makeup and swatch an afternoon away.

… I sound like a beauty hermit. That wouldn’t be wrong. My goal is to blog more, use my makeup more, AND try to catalogue it so I know what I own, so I’ve started to take pics of my makeup as I reorganize my vanity… so far I’ve only made it through swatching and photographing a box of blush(es) and a few sets of eyeshadow but I will keep on, keeping on!

Today, three ‘tiers’ of blushes in terms of price – the ultra cheap, the mid-range-if-you’re-in-Japan, and a luxury brand 🙂



This is how my relationship with @Macnunu works:

– Can you trust dollar store makeup?
— I don’t know, it’s only 2$ though. If it sucks, it’s no big loss.
– I’m less worried about it sucking and more worried I’ll have some massive allergic reaction.
— Well… between the two of us you can make sure we survive the reaction and I can sue them in the class-action lawsuit. Dare you to buy it!!
– … I’ll buy pink if you buy peach

Hence how we ended up with what we both call DAISO blushes though they are apparently made in Taiwan, not Japan. Still the best 2$ on blush I have ever spent, these are smooth and pigmented but unfortunately since the packaging is VERY budget they shatter easily.

BTW we both tried to dare each other to try the 4$ BB cream but we’re both too paranoid. XD;



Way back in the day when embossing powders was still brand new, the lovely Bittenbefore found these Kanebo MFC blushes at her 7-11 in Japan… and they were so pretty of course I wanted them. These blushes are strongly pigmented and blend well, but the only downside is that they are INCREDIBLY tiny – most of my brushes are wider than the pans! I do love the gradient effect though and I think the hearts are adorable.

(Also, they are not SO pretty that I don’t want to ever touch them – has anyone else felt that way about a makeup piece?)


Lastly, proving that not all lucite-is-created-equally, the high end SHu Uemura (old packaging). I was SO excited when Shu Uemura finally opened a counter in Calgary and have happily made it one of my regular makeup stops ever since. It might surprise you that I didn’t pick up a Shu blush in my beloved pinks until the new packaging started, mostly because I am like a magpie with makeup and forever distracted by LEs. Thankfully I picked up these two shades before the blush line was completely reformulated 🙂

ALthough the brown was a bit terrifying to buy. Thank goodness for good MUAs who apply before purchasing, or I’d have missed out on a really awesome – bronzed-and-healthy cheek colour!

So there’s another peek at my massive collection. I’m working my way through the rest of the blush box and also on some newer products to be released. Hope everyone is enjoying spring (Calgary’s had all of 2 days of it, but they have been GLORIOUS).

2 thoughts on “Shopping the Stash: Blushes

  1. What a fun post and shopping your stash is both a nostalgic and gratifying exercise. I think the Daiso blushes are alright and perform surprisingly well for their price but the packaging is terrible. I had to laugh at “beauty hermit” – I know what you mean!

    • The packaging is horrible – but for 2$ I suppose you can’t ask for much more! I’m continuing my hermit ways today – it’s gross out so I’m swatching makeup haha

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