#yycburgerweek: NOTaBLE, Flipp’n Burgers, Diner Deluxe

As we are still in the early days of sakura, lovely‘s fifth year on WordPress I figured that now was as good a time as any to finally add a proper food section given that I am unabashedly food-obsessed (both with the making and consumption of) and I figured it was time to share that with the world. 😛 From May 2-10 #yycburgerweek is happening which was/is an awesome opportunity to be the foodie I am *AND* donate to charity. 10% of the price of the burgers purchased goes to charity, so in addition to awesome meals … win/win yes?

The Burgers I Have Loved

Diner Deluxe is in the 20$ Category and thankfully offers the burger to go, so I picked up three for me and my family as a post-work treat – this was a wise idea as the burger is gigantic and we only finished two of them between three people. I wish the bun had been more toasted and substantial but the burger patty had a great crispy crust, was adequately juicy, and the bacon was perfect. The best part other than the foie and truffle terrine was the perfect sunny side up egg even eaten as significantly cooled take out – it still gushed out perfectly and added a lot of richness and moisture to the burger. I think it is my new favourite burger topping. Even more than the bacon. MORE THAN THE BACON, PEOPLE.

NOtaBLE is also in the 20$ category and I feel I have to quantify that Eva and I for a while, were kind of obsessed with their monthly burger inspirations ANYWAY so of course they were our first stop for #yycburgerweek. This is the only burger I have managed to eat in restaurant, and it was fantastic. The wild boar gave a very awesome ‘pork’ flavour that was much richer than normal and the brioche bun was perfectly toasted. The burger was incredibly juicy, and the melted brie was perfection. I loved everything about this burger. ERRTHANG.

Flipp’n Burgers is in the 10$ category and MAN is it ever worth the 10$. I was ecstatic to discover I could get the burger as takeout after work AND on a whole-wheat bun (which was actually delicious). It also got me to eat both onions AND mustard without taking them off (I usually hate both) though I passed on the peppers (not a fan of spicy food). Although Flipp’n also came with a fried egg it lacked the yolk-y perfectness of Diner Deluxe’s burger, but at half the price, you can’t go wrong. I loved the baby spinach and sauteed mushrooms with their signature beef patty, and the melted gouda provided a nice touch of salt.

As I type this my stomach is happily digesting the Diner Deluxe burger and I’m hoping to do at least 2 – but hopefully three, including 2 of the 15$ entrants for comparison purposes more and earn my #yycburgerweek t-shirt. It’s a great time to explore Calgary’s amazing food scene, so go on and get out there! You’ll regret it if you don’t. I regret that I am far too lazy to drive to all 30 restaurants but my waist – and wallet – are both grateful, LOL.

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