Arbonne Cosmetics: It’s A Long Story Mascara


I was first introduced to Arbonne cosmetics several years ago by a fellow co-worker who sold the brand, but given its fairly hard to get status as it was sold only by catalogue and blogging’s relative newness (I couldn’t find any reviews) I elected to pass on it at the time. Years later I am happy to have been given the opportunity to review one of their core products – so here’s my best shot!

Arbonne describes their mascara as follows:

Your eyes tell an epic tale. Now you can tell the whole glamorous story with our high-performance lengthening mascara that creates the look of ultra-dramatic lashes with major longitude. The professional brush, with its flexible, uniform bristle design, glides on to create beyond-beautiful lash-by-lash definition, so just one wink will be worth a thousand words. Good thing — yours is a neverending story. 




First off, I love silicone wands, and the It’s a Long Story mascara has a flexible, skinny one that makes it easy to get to the base of my flashes and rotate the wand through them as I pull it outward. The bristles are fairly short, allowing for precision when applying – which is good if you’re like me and sometimes flinch when applying mascara! It doesn’t go everywhere. I’d say the formula in my tube was medium dry, and it applied well with no clumps.

The colour is a nice basic, satin black – not too shiny or dramatic, but definitely visible on the eye. This mascara is fragranced, but the additional scent didn’t irritate my eyes (or sinuses). I wouldn’t characterize this as volumizing – more of a definition mascara. It held a curl fairly well, using my Shu Uemura curler before I applied.  Here’s the mascara in action:


Would I recommend for purchase? It’s a pretty pricey  mascara (40.00$ CAD) so while I liked it, I don’t know t hat I’d pay 40$ for it given that mascara needs to be switched out so often. I know Arbonne offers a lot of gifts with purchase and purchase incentives, so if you can get it in package or on promotion, it’s worth a try!

Thanks again to Arbonne Canada for inviting me to try their product!


One thought on “Arbonne Cosmetics: It’s A Long Story Mascara

  1. I’ve tried Arbonne skin care before but didn’t know that they did cosmetics too. Arbonne is very expensive! Glad that you liked the mascara.

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