Stash Spotlight: Dior Shimmer Star Powders


As lovely and exciting as new things are, moving all my delicate but also very heavy makeup made me want to document and explore much loved products in my collection that I never got around to blogging about. During several of my chats with the lovely Liz we discussed several times blogging all of our stashes – this is my attempt at starting to keep that promise!


I self-admittedly do not really understand highlighters but when I was still a new makeup addict I saw one of the Dior Shimmer powders and fell in love – little did I know that it would be the beginning of a new obsession! The Shimmer star powders are very similar to the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks but better in my opinion as they aren’t as glittery and provide a soft vs metallic glow. There were only four released, two of which were limited edition. They function as both blushes and highlighters and are moderately pigmented.

The brown bronzer/blush in the centre is Dior’s harmonie de soir which I love and have included here because I only have one of them! For a long time it was my only bronzer but I wore it as a neutral blush. Pits definitely one of those last minute liven-up-my-face products when I am short on time!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my collection! What products have you recently rediscovered?


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