Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencils



It’s likely the natural result of having to pack up all of my makeup and move it (powders are heavy!) but I’ve been having a lot of fun ‘shopping’ my stash rather than purchasing anything from the new collections… at least when it comes to eyeshadow! Shortly before the holidays I started into an eyeshadow pencil phase and while I collected several from different brands, the Charlotte Tilbury pencils jumped out at me, especially after the lovely Drivel about Frivol blogged about their similarity to the (in)famous THREE pencils which I loved for their complexity (but wince at their 40$/pencil price tag).

So when the opportunity came for a beauty swap with the lovely V, of course I jumped at the chance to get a few of the colours without paying for shipping (twice, that is, these lovely things had to come to Canada all the way from the UK)



The official website divides these by eye colour but since I don’t believe in limiting myself to one category I picked out the colours I liked best … and then after purchasing have decided that someday I just want all of them. πŸ˜›

The Charlotte Tilbury pencils apply with moderate-intense opacity (the lightest shade applied with one stroke for these swatches, the darkest with two) and have the same duo-chrome, multi-tonal shimmer that the THREE pencils are (in)famous for. Even better, the wider pencil head for me makes it much easier for me to use these all over the lid or as an eyeshadow base. They are creamy, and blend well with fingers or a fluffy crease brush.

I’m in love *_*

From left to right:

Amethyst Aphrodisiac, Golden Quartz, Amber Haze, Dark Pearl, Champagne Diamonds

I only have three left and they are definitely on my wishlist!!

 Champagne Diamonds as a base, Amber Haze in the crease. SO MUCH LOVE. Look how metallic they are!

Do you fixate on one kind of product at a time? I think I have since moved to cream blushes but I wouldn’t say no to more chubby eye pencils…


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