Maybelline Colour Elixir Liquid Lipsticks


I am a sucker for last minute drugstore purchases – especially if they’re on sale – and the new wave of liquid lipsticks and stains certainly caught my attention! I bypassed most of the others but the Maybelline lip elixirs had the benefit of having cute packaging and easy to see colours – plus when I got them they were on sale for 6$! I picked up a few to try, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them 🙂


The lip elixirs apply with fairly good opacity and wear comfortably for 4 hrs on me. I like these as they apply glossy but I wouldn’t characterize them as a stain – I didn’t notice any residual colour left after eating. The glosses aren’t drying but if you have flaky lips I’d make sure to exfoliate before apply as the formula on these elixirs is very liquid and I imagine it would cling to any dry spots! The range is fairly extensive – I picked up a bright pink, medium pink, and my new berry obsession (though it ended up being more of a mauve), but they also have several red and nude shades. The pigmentation on the bright colours was the best – as I alluded to, the dark berry you see in the cover photo actually applied as more of a mauve on me, but the hot pink was fairly true to tube.


I’ll be posting more about the rest of the products in this look at some point (please poke me and remind me to). But if you have a few dollars to spare (and one of the colours appeals to you) the Maybelline lip elixirs are worth a mini-splurge…


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