Ringing in the New Year with Le Metier de Beaute’s Pretty in Punk

Pink #fotd featuring @lemetierdebeaute and #chanel #makeup #pink #eyeshadow

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I have such a backlog of posts to write that it’s a bit of a shame (and terrifying) but I thought I would at least attempt to get one more thing in January posted, and what better way than to post one of my newest obsessions AND favourite looks of the year so far? Just before my trip to Hawaii I finally managed to meet up with the besties for an absolutely fantastic dinner at [b]muse[/b] restaurant in Kensington – wherein the besties and I discover edible gourmet mint foam, duck fat popcorn, and the best lamb I’ve had in years.

Oh, and where I finally got to break out my Pretty in Punk Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscope, which is possibly my current makeup item masking as the personification of my personality. πŸ˜€

So consider this a foodie AND product review entry. Hooray for productivity!


Pretty in Punk was released as an exclusive component of the Neiman Marcus x POPSugar Must Have box way back in December, but at 250$ even I was a bit hesitant since the rest of the contents were a mystery – on top of that the boxes, as usual, did not ship to Canada! Luckily for me, shortly after their release the kaleidoscopes started popping up on E-bay and while *I* am in love with the shades included in this kaleidoscope Pretty in Punk is definitely much brighter than LMdB’s typical releases so I can see why and how they popped up on Ebay once the boxes went out.

For this girl, this quad is everything I ever wanted in a bright pink eye look from a brand with excellent eyeshadow formulation – what’s not to love? The fuchsia shade is by far my favourite, as it goes on a clean, hot pink with a bit of a satin finish – not completely metallic, but it also can’t be mistaken for pink eye. This quad is literally everything I wanted Nouvelle Vague to be when I was told that Le Metier de Beaute was doing a ‘pink gradient’ palette – only much brighter (Nouvelle Vague, while lovely, is definitely more office friendly than my favourite hot pink).

It helped my mood tremendously to wear it to an awesome dinner, as illustrated below (my best friends love me and realise that I must take pictures of all pretty meals so they put up with my Instagram-ing self haha):

White Truffle Oil Duck Fat Popcorn?? AMAZING FREEBIE. We kept it the whole meal to pick at between courses. It only got more fantastic the longer it sat there.

Foie gras mousse at muse restaurant #yyc #yyceats #yycisopen #instafood #yummy

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Foie Gras Mousse – surprisingly filling – thank goodness we split this between four of us.

Roasted sourdough at muse restaurant #yyc #yyceats #yycisopen #instafood #yummy

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Sourdough toast for above mousse – although E and I argued over who got the last piece as there 5 pieces of toast and 4 of us LOL.

Although we usually try to get 4 different dishes so we can sample, we only ordered 2 of each this time as they were too amazing to pass up. This is the roast duck confit on beet salad with risotto – fantastic.

And this is my dish, which was Alberta lamb done three ways. I still dream about those lamb lollipops, they were PERFECT. Even as leftovers the next day. They also came with brussel sprouts which are my new favourite lettuce-like vegetable.

Even though we were stuffed we never leave a girl’s night without dessert πŸ˜‰ – White chocolate mousse – this was shared between four people and we were so stuffed it was a good thing. Amazing.

ALl in all it was a perfect way to ring in 2014 (after having a crappy, crappy Christmas/NY week) with my best girls – we celebrate our 10 year high school reunion this year and also the 10 year anniversary of our quartet – so hopefully we have lots of great meals (and makeup looks) to come!


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