Nars x Guy Bourdin Makeover & #yycisopen


The funny thing about the way my favourite counters hold events is that usually by the time the store has scheduled to ‘launch’ the collection I have already read a tonne of reviews and purchased what I wanted – such is the result of living in Canada and getting everything weeks after the US! Of course I go to the events anyway because I love getting my makeup done and I’ve made some awesome MUA friends that way, plus they are a lot of fun!


This makeover centred around Ubangi Nars eye paint as a base, Marie-Galante eyeshadow duo, and Nars eyebrow gel. I always hear about my eye shape – I think the muas have more fun with how massive my lid space is than I do ;). I’m wearing Couer Batteur powder plush from the Guy Bourdin collection, Yu satin lip pencil and Dolce Vita lipstick from the Fling kit 🙂


As it was such a nice afternoon, Eva and I continued our #yycisopen efforts by eating lunch at CHARCUT! Usually we both get the daily sandwich special but as we’d had the tuna melt (excellent) on our last lunch we both opted for something a little different – I got the daily rotisserie which was melt in your mouth beef brisket with arugula salad and Parmesan fries and Eva got the rotisserie chicken sandwich and fries. We were lucky enough to be visited table-side by Connie DeSousa who also brought us their lamb terrine which was also fantastic – though very filling so I ended up with leftovers again :P. We also had a lovely discussion about falsies and she was wearing a fabulous pair by MAC – my kind of girl – an amazing chef AND someone who loves playing around with her look!

All in all, I had a wonderful Black Friday – how was yours?


4 thoughts on “Nars x Guy Bourdin Makeover & #yycisopen

  1. Love the post! I want everything!!! By the way, your food post has made me hungry. I don’t have anything as good as that feast of a meal in my fridge 😦

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