Charlotte Tilbury Chameleon Eye Pencil in Golden Quartz + 5 Min FOTD


Forgive the lack of product shots, but I was so excited to use my Charlotte Tilbury eye pencil that I swatched it as soon as I ripped the package open… and promptly lost the box (smart me) so I don’t have a close-up for you. I loved this look a lot – wore it just yesterday – and it’s so quick and easy I had to share!

Also it’s currently snowing a tonne here and I don’t want to go out so I’m blogging in an effort to feel productive 😉


I haven’t been wearing foundation this week as I’m getting over the flu and I have to blow my nose so often it’s getting rubbed raw – figured I didn’t want a patch of my face visibly ‘un-corrected’ so I went without – thankfully I don’t think anyone has really noticed (or everyone is being REALLY nice and not saying anything :P)

This is a pretty quick look because I didn’t have to apply base, and uses all of my ‘daily staples’ in addition to four colour products (one which I’ve reviewed, and 3 which are new, but approaching HG status loves).

The Staples
– Make Up For Ever Eye Primer, Aqua Brow Gel — if they ever discontinue these I am going to cry. Seriously.
– K Palette Jet Black Liquid Liner — I stock up on the pink packaging every year and go through one every 4 months or so. HG
– Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Perversion — Stays decently on my lower lash line, never found a reason to try another brand


The Look-Specific Products
– Charlotte Tilbury Chameleon Eye Pencil in Golden Quartz: LOVE LOVE LOVE. This is a darkened golden brown with gold and green duochromes, and it applies similarly to the Kiko pencils, but the complexity of the shades is fantastic – I’d call them out as being my beloved Armani ETK but in pencil form. What I love best is that I can apply them without a brush and still blend out the edges, but because it is a traditional pencil I have to sharpen it and I’m dreading wasting such wonderful product. Not that I ever finish eyeshadow. But it may happen someday. Kate over at drivel about frivol has amazing swatches which make me want to collect them like I collect ETK but … well the line is only available in the UK at the moment which is pretty much the only thing stopping me. That and I am trying – TRYING – to be more sensible (it’s not really working)

– Armani Eyes to Kill Silk #19 Gold/Silver: This was an LE release and helped to ‘brighten’ up the dark base that Golden Quartz provided. I’d never thought of using it as a top wash before, but I loved how it layered, so I’m hoping to break it out a lot this winter!

– Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in 400 Four Hundred: I have a separate post planned for this, but let me start by saying that I ADORE miniature sized makeup products. THat being said, this is definitely a colour worth purchasing in full size – review forthcoming – but it’s breaking me into reds 😀

– Shu Uemura Lip and Cheek Stain in Fuchsia Fun-tasy: I love love love these, and as soon as I can some sunlight I’ll post about them, but if you are only going to pick up ONE thing from holiday 2013, I’d pick these. (And if you have ever read my blog you know that I bought way more from holiday than just this blush haha).


I like to think that I masked my flu pretty well – and I loved how this turned out! What’s your 5-minute FOTD like?


4 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Chameleon Eye Pencil in Golden Quartz + 5 Min FOTD

    • Thanks dear! Sometimes simple looks are best, but I am in love with this – I think it’s going to be my go-to lazy look for a while since it’s so low maintenance.

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