Montreal & Make Up For Ever Sepia Palette


As winter weather sets in to Calgary I miss Montreal even more! I was fortunate to spend 5 beautiful days enjoying the fall colours last week, and I had a chance to meet with Lindsey, Make Up For Ever Canada’s PR rep at the Sephora boutique on Rue St. Catherine in addition to enjoying all the wonderful food and scenery in Montreal! I was also lucky enough to get a one-on-one (or a one-on-two as Lindsey was with me!) lesson on the world’s easiest cat-eye with Sarah, one of the MUAs at Sephora!

But first, pictures from my trip! Montreal is one of the oldest cities in Canada and retains much of it’s ‘old-world’ appeal – the buildings are gorgeous and I wish we had similar architecture in Calgary! The contrast between the ornate stonework and modern designs on the inside of the buildings is stunning – my kind of eclecticism!


Notre Dame Cathedral was amazing, and probably my favourite ‘tourist’ spot that was unrelated to food. The detail of the hand carved wooden and stone sculptures, the stunning painting, and the massive pipe organ were fantastic! It’s definitely a ‘must-do’ for any visit to Montreal even if you’ve seen it before! They do an evening light show which is amazing šŸ˜€


Montreal’s also said to have the most restaurants per capita in Canada – so of course being the not-so-secret foodie I am I had to hit up all of the ‘famous’ foods! I had so many amazing meals and indulged in maybe too much smoked meat (I already miss it) but it was completely worth it!


The amazing Lindsey and I – she made a trip out to the store to meet me and showed me around – let me tell you that I am INCREDIBLY JEALOUS of everyone in Montreal who has access to the boutique – they carry the full MUFE artist line IN ADDITION to being part of a regular Sephora and I was so overwhelmed that I had to leave and come back… except I never made it back because I got turned around in Montreal’s large underground mall and ended up on the other side of it! Lindsey was kind enough to send me on my way after my lesson with the Sepia palette, which I used once I got home to practice my neutral and cat-eye skills!


Products used – no foundation as I am currently fighting off the flu armed with a box of Kleenex and thus keep wiping my foundation off anyway šŸ˜›

Steps for the Cat-eye: during the instore demo Sarah and I used the black Aqua Cream and 250 MUFE Artist Brush, but at home I used my regular K-palette eyeliner – I think you get the most accuracy with liquid or cream liner.

1) Apply liner by ‘pushing’ small thin strokes into the lashes – this helps to tightline and fill in any gaps of skin. I usually do one quick stroke because I am used to liquid liner, but the short strokes leave no gap to fill in later and are good for beginners (or if you aren’t used to applying liner!)
2) Following your lower lash line, draw a short upward flick with your liner to continue the line as though you were drawing it to your forehead. Following your lower lashline means the angle will by the same on both sides!
3) Draw a short line connecting the tip of the upward flick to your upper lined lid
4) Fill in the triangle with black liner

— and voila! Instant cat-eye. You can choose to make the triangle as big or little as you’d like – my eyes are gigantic so I usually go with a smaller triangle, but if you have a monolid you may want to fill in the eyeliner thicker so that the cat-eye is visible when your eyes are open. You can see a closeup in the cover photo šŸ™‚


This is a sick-day face… thankfully Instagram masks how red my nose was from the Kleenex abuse!

Huge thanks to Lindsey and Sarah for a wonderful afternoon at MUFE – I hope I can visit Montreal – and the boutique – again sooN!


2 thoughts on “Montreal & Make Up For Ever Sepia Palette

  1. Beautiful travel pictures and yummy food pictures. Love the cat eye liner look on you. Ahhhh, so that’s the secret! I thought that your nose didn’t look red at all. When I get sick, I look like Rudolph! Get well soon!

  2. How fun! Sounds like you had an amazing time in Montreal! I am actually from here and have to agree with everything you mentionned – it really is an amazing city! šŸ™‚ The Sephora on Sainte-Catherine is my favourite place to shop at! šŸ™‚

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