Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows: Stash Spotlight


Here is to a wonderful 27! As I was getting ready to celebrate my birthday, the fall collections have been coming out in Canada at long last (honestly) so I had the wonderful brainstorm of swatching through my makeup in the hopes of killing some lemmings and pulling up items which I felt could use a better home – easier said than done! It also helped that swatching all of my makeup would not only benefit me, but i thought would make a good series for the blog (as well as a good reference whenever I feel like I’ve seen a colour before again).

The Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows were first released in 2011 and it was love at first swatch for me, and it quickly escalated to pokemon-level obsession (I now own all but 4 of them, and the 4 I don’t own are for legitimate reasons). Since their release there have been similar products launched by every other brand in existence it feels like, and this fall it continues but I will always go back to the ETK Silks as my (and greatest) love. Even after 2 (almost 3!) years they apply and wear the same – I.E. immovable.


Thankfully, unlike the L’Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows, the ETK Silk eyeshadows have been released in numerical order, and while the names don’t stay the same in all countries, the numbers do 😛

01 Blast of Blue: Electric blue shot through with gold
02 Lust Red: Black base with burgundy glitter
03 Purpura: Dark purple base with silver duochrome glitter
04 Pulp Fiction: Silvery taupe
05 Gold Blitz: Warm gold with brown tones


06 Khaki Pulse: Shimmery khaki – one of my favourite shades
07 Sweet Fire: Metallic rose pink – my first ETK shade ever (and the beginning of a dangerous obsession)
08 Champagne: Shimmery cream/beige
09 Rock Sand: Light gold with a pink tinge
14 Gold Spirit: Antique Gold

I don’t own #10-13 which were either too black or too pastel (i.e. white) for me, and even now, 2 years later, I still don’t feel like I need them so I’m not going to buy them any time soon!


15 Copper Black/Grey: a ‘dirty’ gold more than copper, this was initially an LE holiday release that eventually joined the counters in Asia permanently (at least for a year).
16 Silver Black/Grey: Dark silver
17 Silver – a light, sheer, shimmery silver. Not so typical of the rest of the line, this was an LE release that was quite sheer in comparison to the other ETK
18 Gold – a light gold, similar finish to #17
19 Silver/Gold – a wheat coloured gold, I liked this more than I thought I would (it has less sparkle and more metallic a finish than 17 & 18)


20 Obsidian Black: A metallic black with navy glitter
21 Obsidian Grey: Metallic pewter with silver shimmer
22 Ecailles: Pale blue with silver shimmer
23 Madre Perla: White with pale pink, blue, and gold shimmer
24 Smokey Copper: Blackened smokey copper


25 Rusted Gold: Greyish antique gold
26 Carat Gold: Khaki Gold, not as metallic as Khaki Pulse
27 Oxidised Silver: Silver with purple and red shimmer undertones
28 Red Platine: Warm reddish brown
29 Rose Titanium: Silvery pink

armani-etk06These last six ETK shadows are the most recent Kaleidoscope collection, and while they are a bit sheerer in comparison to the original formula the complex duochrome flashes MORE than make up for it – these are so fun to wear!

30 Rose Popillia: Silvery pink with green duochrome flash
31 June Beetle: Medium blue with a purple duochrome
32 Gold Hercule: Antique gold with green duochrome
33 Scarab Violetta: Bright purple with blue duochrome
34 Blue Beetle: Dark blue with light blue Duochrome — not listed at all retailers
35 Silver Chaser: Dark silver

Giorgio Armani Beauty is doing 15% off this week; which makes this a fantastic opportunity for you to start a collection with one or two… or indulge in the holiday collection! Hope I’veprovided some help with these swatches!


5 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadows: Stash Spotlight

  1. Thank you so much for posting all these wonderful photos, swatches and lists with numbers etc… Your information has been tremendously helpful for me.

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