NARS Eye Paints and Pink for my Favourite Month


NARS Cosmetics recently joined the pot eyeshadow front with their new eye paints which according to the official website:

Line, highlight, shade and define with modern artistic versatility.  Introducing new NARS Eye Paint—a brilliant pot of high-impact pigment in an innovative silky, weightless gel formula. Rich, hyper-saturated shades that glide smoothly and dry down quickly in long-lasting finishes from icy metallics to modern mattes.  Elevated artistry that boldly strays from the straight and narrow.

  • Multi-use application.

  • 18-hour wear.

  • Highly-saturated.

  • Weightless gel texture dries smoothly and quickly.

  • Replace cap securely after use.

  • Remove using a dual phase eye makeup remover such as NARS Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.

Coincidentally, Holt Renfrew happened to be holding their fall Personal Shopping Event this last weekend and when I got the message from R, one of my favourite NARS SAs, that they were having a runway event to show off the new fall collection AND discovered I was off on the weekend, you can bet I booked myself in :). I love my NARS counter @HoltRenfrew #YYC and I especially love their collection events as all the SA and MUAs I have met over the years show up to freelance and it often feels like an awesome reunion! This time was no exception with the awesome K showing up to do my makeup (and work of course :P). That’s her work (and her!) in the cover photo 🙂

Tatar NARS Eye Paint

Owing in part to what I was wearing (I ❤ my Ribbon Dress and of course, a pink cardigan) K decided to go for a pink look for me, and used Tatar Eye Paint as a base and liner. This purple is GORGEOUS, a dark violet shot through with silver and pink shimmer! She applied it to my lash line using a flat-edge brush and it provided the base of my look – it definitely made a nice change from my typical black liner!



My makeover also used the new NARS Brow Gel in Kinshasa, a dark brown, which helped to fill in the sparse spots of my brows and smooth the hairs down (I badly needed to go for threading, which my MUA kindly ignored). The pink eyeshadows can be found in the Bouthan eyeshadow duo (Soft pink tulle / Bright pink with gold shimmer) which I don’t actually own yet but managed not to give in to (shocking, but I’ve learned that I get more use out of palettes than duos or singles, generally), NARS Tinted Moisturizer in St. Moritz (still love), and NARS Multiples in Luxor and Maldives. My lips are Hot Wired lip lacquer which wore surprisingly well considering how sticky it was on application (that being said, it tasted very waxy and I hate applying things with lip brushes, so this was a pass for me also).


Everything was set with the pressed NARS light reflecting powder which really DOES function like Photoshop’s blur tool in real life (so I finally managed to be at the counter when it was in stock – yes it came home with me).

I *LOVED* everything about my makeover from the chitchat to my MAs and the other counter staff, and the overall look. I accidentally fell asleep in it later and can vouch that the eye paint did not budge from my lash line at all – definitely a product worth looking into!

Thanks again to K, R, and the Holt Renfrew YYC NARS staff for an amazing afternoon!

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