Armani Nail Lacquers & An Afternoon at Holt Renfrew


This event actually happened relatively recently (only two weeks ago) but being a dummy, I took a picture of my nails but not of my actual makeover and not of the nail polish my nails were painted with… so you’ll have to put up with more babbling than usual. In what I considered kind of a sneaky launch, Giorgio Armani recently launched a new line of nail polish in addition to the Rouge Ecstasy lipsticks, but obviously the lipsticks were so amazingly eye-catching (to me also) that the nail polish hasn’t got any attention, and that is a DARN SHAME because at least the shade I got to try has performed amazingly well and the product seems well crafted. So read on for my (admittedly amateur) review!

103 Parima Greige

I love getting my nails done but I rarely wear nail polish as I wash my hands 100+ times a day at work and most nail polish chips within a day of that! But I am never one to pass up a free manicure so when @slmissglam invited me to get my nails done AND my makeup AND I happened to be off, obviously I jumped at the chance – it helped that timing wise I was going to a birthday dinner that night, and any day I don’t have to work on my own makeup is a fun one 😀

Giorgio Armani Beauty describes the nail lacquers as such:

A richer, thicker polish creates exceptional shine with long-lasting color. The flat and wide brush sets a clean drop at the base of the nail and easily stretches color to the nail tip with one stroke. The transforming gel on brush prevents dripping for a clean, precise application.
– Easy and precise application
– Provides long-lasting color and shine

I chose Parima Greige which was a lovely greyed out lavender that seemed neutral enough to go unnoticed at work (I was right) and also didn’t clash with the hot pink dress I was wearing (most of the line right now is nudes/neutrals and blue/greens/reds). The nail tech applied Butter London’s cuticle oil and then base coat, and one coat of the Parima Greige, seen below:

Giorgio Armani nail lacquer - 103 Parima Greige

Ignore the health of my hands, they are ‘nursing’ hands and while I apply hand cream fairly religiously it gets washed off JUST as fast – and Calgary is seriously dry (my hands after a stretch of shifts, as you’ll see, look even more tragic).

Parima Greige ended up pulling quite lavender with my skintone but I really liked the purple 🙂

Giorgio Armani nail lacquer - 103 Parima Greige


And that is after 4 12-hr shifts in an ICU in which I had to wash my hands with soap and water or with alcohol sanitizer over 100x a day! I think the nail lacquer held up impressively well, with only a bit of tip wear, and of course some cuticle and nail growth after 6 days.

I’m no nail polish junkie, but I LOVED  how this performed! I hope to see more pinks in the line so I can finally indulge. Thanks again to @HoltRenfrew #yyc for a lovely afternoon, and a lovely manicure!


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