Armani Kaleidoscope Collection Fall 2013: Eyes to Kill


I am definitely fortunate that my Armani cosmetics counter at Holt Renfew #YYC is awesome – even though it’s bad news for my wallet! I try to make it a point to attend all their events, as I always enjoy the makeup process and it gives me a chance to visit with my favourite MUA @slmissglam (and her new SA colleague Jay) – I never fail to have an awesome time!


Armani’s Fall 2013 collection absolutely slayed me (financially and obsessively) – I ended up picking up almost everything! My love for the Eyes to Kill pot eyeshadows is fairly well known (I have a post in the works in which I Have reswatched and fallen in love with them again; but that’s for another time) so when @slmissglam wanted to use one in my latest makeover I jumped at the chance (I collect them like pokemon but sometimes I have no idea how I am going to wear certain shades).

The six limited edition shades for fall are a wonderful addition to my ETK family! This look features #33 June Beetle which is a duo0
-chrome pale turquoise – in some lighting it pulls quite blue, in others quite green! This is definitely one of the most colourful looks I’ve had done at the counter, and I love it 😀


My vanity is starting to resemble an Armani counter in fact 😛

Do you get your makeup done at cosmetics counters? Do you enjoy it?

Thanks again to @slmissglam and @HoltRenfrew #YYC for an amazing experience!


4 thoughts on “Armani Kaleidoscope Collection Fall 2013: Eyes to Kill

    • I’m usually the only other person at my counters when I get my makeup done but it’s always interesting to get it done with another person as you can end up with totally different looks! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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